The teachers’ stories are so inspiring. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated October 04, 2018

During the back-to-school season, kids and parents aren't the only ones scrambling to make sure they have all of the supplies they'll need for the year ahead—teachers also feel the crunch to make sure their classrooms are well-stocked. And since school budgets rarely cover the costs of the necessary supplies, most teachers end up dipping into their own wallets to fund their classrooms. In fact, according to a survey reported on by the New York Times, a whopping 94 percent of U.S. teachers spend their own money on school supplies. To help deserving teachers get the supplies they need, actress and comedian Kristen Bell has joined the #10FeaturedTeachers movement, an Instagram campaign that Busy Philips and other celebrities have already participated in that crowdfunds supplies for teachers.

Each day, Bell is posting the photo and story of a different teacher, along with a link in her bio to the teacher's Amazon wish list of supplies. The wish list varies by teacher, but may include everything from the basics, like notebooks and pens, to things you might not think of, like the umbrellas requested by the teacher above to help kids get to school on rainy days.

While these teachers clearly aren't being provided with the budgets their classrooms need, their drive to go above and beyond for their students is inspiring. The most recently featured teacher, above, even drove two of her former students eight hours across Texas to start college. Want to help other deserving teachers get the supplies they need? Follow Kristen Bell on Instagram, then click the link in her bio for the latest Amazon wish list. Happy back-to-school shopping!