It involved a La-Z-Boy chair.

By Aric Jenkins
Updated February 25, 2017
2016 Todd Williamson
Todd Williamson/Getty Images

Parenthood star Dax Shepard is a lazy boy. At least, that’s what his wife and House of Lies actress Kristen Bell hinted at when she lovingly poked fun at him for moving their La-Z-Boy chair to the middle of the couple’s living room so he could stretch out.

“This is not a bit. @daxshepard has sincerely suggested the new home for the lazy boy from his office be in the center of my living room,” Bell wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday. “He made an adorable argument about how epic his TV viewing experience will be if I let him keep it there. The man has lost his mind. #chiphappens.”

Shepard, anticipating his wife’s public criticism, managed to sneak in a defense of his argument on his own Instagram the day before.

“My wife, in an attempt to discredit my character, will be posting a similar picture, but with the expressed intention of attacking my sense of style in home furnishings,” the caption says. “The proof of this Lazyboy’s aesthetic appeal is written all over my face. #getcomfy #functionbeforefashion.”

Regardless of whose side you’re on, you can’t help but admire the couple’s snarky but adorable dispute. And its not the first time the pair has put their household life on display. Together, Bell and Shepard starred in a few commercials for Samsung’s smart home technology—one in which they plan a party for one of their daughters using a smart fridge; the other in which they utilize a new washing machine to clean a stain on their daughter’s stuffed “lamby” doll.

We’re glad to see the couple’s domestic life is just as endearing in reality.