Of course, the Duchess handled the slip up with her usual poise. 

By Real Simple
Updated February 08, 2018
Kate Middleton at St. Patrick's Day Parade
Credit: Danny Martindale

Whether playing a game of ice hockey or greeting school children for a photo op, Kate Middleton is known for her effortless grace. Which is why when the Duchess of Cambridge accidentally caught the heel of her black stiletto in a metal drain grate yesterday, the internet stopped to appreciate this moment of humility. Once again, the Duchess demonstrates she’s just like us.

The snag happened after the royal arrived at a new addiction treatment center in Wickford on Wednesday, according to People. Although her heel was stuck for a second, she managed to recover from the incident with her signature poise, and without losing her shoe. The moment happened right outside the new Action on Addiction Community Treatment Center, as she stepped up to greet staff members of the facility.

The Duchess maintained her composure and laughed it off as she greeted the Vice Lord Lieutenant of Essex, Jonathan Douglas-Hughes, who coincidentally took a more dramatic fall when he met Kate Middleton and Prince William back in 2016. During a visit to a school in Essex, he tripped over a traffic bollard and stumbled to the ground. Prince William rushed to help him up. Recalling this stumble, Kate Middleton reportedly said, "Do the same as you!" to Jonathan Douglas-Hughes after her heel got caught yesterday.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time a metal grate has almost caused the Duchess to stumble. While at a St. Patrick’s Day Parade in 2013, she also got caught in a similar situation. Luckily, Prince William was at her side to steady her as she set her shoe free. Let this be a lesson to us all: If you’re going to brave Kate Middleton-style stilettos, be ready to handle potentially awkward stumbles with grace and humor.