Download the streaming guide app on your phone before your next TV binge and spend less time wondering what to watch.

By Rachel Sylvester
Updated January 13, 2020

At the end of a long day at the office, nothing sounds more appealing than a good, mindless Netflix binge. There's just something about mentally checking out for an hour and forgoing real-life stressors in favor of feel-good rom-coms (preferably of the J.Lo variety) or British cooking competitions that leaves us reaching for the remote night after night. But often the most common conundrum that arises before any quality TV binge is the age-old question: "What should I watch?"

Netflix suggestions are there to lean on when you're at a loss, but all too often, the one show or movie you want to watch simply isn't available when you need it most. Fortunately, JustWatch—a free streaming guide—offers up personal recommendations for movies and TV shows across various platforms.

Available for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and over 100 additional platforms, JustWatch takes the guesswork out of binge-watching by consolidating all of your streaming services into a single app. If it sounds easy, that's because it is.

The way it works is you simply download JustWatch for Apple or Google devices, create an account, then input your TV preferences directly into the app. Prefer a serious crime drama over a comedic original series? Customize your show preferences and select which streaming services you currently use. Once you input your information, JustWatch populates a list of movies and TV shows catered to you, along with recommendations from users with similar taste in television. It even goes so far as to detail where you can stream, rent, and buy the shows and movies provided.

The app comes in handy for those moments when you've settled in without a clue of what to stream, making it a must-download for any TV subscriber or cinephile. Aside from personalized recommendations, JustWatch even offers up trailers, ratings, runtimes, and casting info for all of its suggested programming, helping you to hone in on the content you really can't afford to miss from the comfort of your own couch.

Download JustWatch on your phone before your next TV binge, and spend less time pondering about what to queue up next.