It's a name that's gaining in popularity. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated June 23, 2018

On Saturday evening, Joanna and Chip Gaines announced the birth of their son, their fifth child, on Joanna's Instagram account. Along with posting several photos taken inside the hospital room, the couple revealed the newborn baby's much-anticipated name: Crew Gaines. While many expected that the newborn son's name might follow the same pattern as the previous kids' names—Drake (13), Ella Rose (11), Duke (9), and Emmie Kay (8)—alternating between names starting with D and E, the couple decided to break from tradition with the name Crew.

According to data from the Social Security Administration, the name Crew was ranked the 712 most popular name in the U.S. in 2017, with 339 baby boys given the name. But the year of peak popularity was 2014, when 368 babies were named Crew. Data isn't available prior to 2011, because the name didn't break into the top 1,000 most popular names list, showing how much the name has picked up in popularity in recent years. We think it's safe to say that after the birth of Crew Gaines, this name is sure to become much more popular in the year ahead. And if you're curious about the meaning of the name, no surprises here: It's English in origin and means "a group of people," according to

In the post announcing that Crew had arrived two and half weeks early, Joanna also thanks her fans and followers for all of their support. "Our baby boy, Crew Gaines, is here and we couldn’t be more in love," she writes in the caption on the post. "He made an unexpected (and speedy) entrance into the world two and a half weeks early - which is fitting given he was a sweet surprise from day one. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. We are so grateful." And fans of the Fixer Upper family were touched—responding with more than 28,000 well-wishing comments within one hour of the post going up.

And Joanna's loyal fans weren't the only ones who couldn't wait for Crew's arrival—the photos show just how excited the Gaines children were. In the fourth photo on the first post, all four kids gather next to their mom's hospital bed to catch a glimpse of their new sibling. Minutes later, Joanna shared a second post, this one showing the kids outside her hospital room, with their ears pressed against the door listening for their little brother's arrival. "One of my favorite pics a friend showed me after Crew was born. They couldn't wait to meet their new baby brother," Joanna writes in the caption.