Because Halloween is coming.

By Sarah Yang
Updated August 15, 2017
Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

Living the Winterfell lifestyle with your own luxurious cape doesn’t have to be a fantasy anymore thanks to IKEA. Every Game of Thrones fan was in awe when the series’ costume designer revealed at a Getty Center talk in Los Angeles that the luxe capes worn by Jon Snow and other members of the Stark family are actually made from IKEA faux fur rugs. Yes, using household items like the $79 SKOLD rug is the key to the King in the North’s signature look.

And now, IKEA has released instructions on how to make the look yourself, appropriately calling the piece “VINTER.” Of course, like any IKEA item, this one comes with a bare bones, illustrated step-by-step guide. All you need is one rug and a pair of scissors (preferably one that can cut through faux fur, we’re guessing).

The instructions are relatively simple—you’ll need to cut an opening on one side of the rug and create a hole in the middle to drape over your shoulders. Top it off with a fake Valayrian-steel sword and a curly-haired wig that resembles Jon Snow’s luscious locks, and you’ll be all set for this year’s Halloween costume.

This isn’t the first time IKEA has addressed the big costume reveal. When the news was first announced, IKEA UK posted a hilarious photo of “IKEA Night’s Watch” wearing the luxe furs, while also donning the company’s yellow employee uniform, too.