It will definitely be on your child’s holiday wish list.

By Liz Steelman
Updated October 05, 2017
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Hatchimals Surprise packaging
Credit: Spinmaster

Hear that sound? It must be the sound of one million children writing “Hatchimal” on their holiday wish list, as Spinmaster has finally announced their newest iteration of last year’s runaway hit: the Hatchimals Surprise.

If you were blissfully unaware of last year’s hottest holiday gift, the Hatchimal is a children’s toy that comes inside an egg. Kids then rub, tap, and pat the egg to start the hatching process. The animal inside squeals, gurgles, squawks and lights up, letting children know what they need to continue the hatching process. When the Hatchimal is ready to come out, the eggshell starts breaking. But don’t worry parents, the excitement doesn’t stop there: When the toy is hatched, it then begins a process of growth and development that provides hours of playtime.

Amazon, Walmart, and Target have already listed the Hatchimals Surprise as a top toy for the 2017 holiday season. They will be on sale for $70 (some retailers like Kmart are listing at $80) starting tomorrow (October 6) at most major retailers. (some retailers will carry an exclusive egg, like Target’s “Ligull”)

There are quite a few improvements in the newest iteration of the toy. Read up on all the new features below:

Girl holding Hatchimals egg
Credit: Spinmaster

It Comes With a Bigger Egg.

Kids will notice that the Hatchimals Surprise egg is at least a third of the size bigger, compared to that of the original Hatchimal.

The Hatching Process Is Quicker.

The old Hatchimals took between 25 and 40 minutes to hatch and pecked their way out of the egg. The entire Hatchimals Surprise hatching process—from nurturing the egg and the actual hatching—will only take between 7 and 15 minutes. And instead of pecking, the new Hatchimals Surprise will spring up and break the top of the egg, creating a cleaner hatching process.

There Are Two New Species.

The Hatchimal Surprise will come in Giravens (a mix of a giraffe and a raven) and Peacats (a blend of a peacock and a cat).

Fraternial Hatchimals twins
Credit: Spinmaster

There Are Two Twin Hatchimals in Each Egg.

This is what puts “surprise” in Hatchimals Surprise (and will delight parents who have two children very close in age). Each egg comes with two Hatchimals—either a pair of identical or fraternal twins. The identical Giraven twins have pink fur with blue spots. The fraternal twins both have blue spots, but one has blue fur while the other has pink. The identical Peacats have blue fur and purple stripes. The fraternal twins both have blue spots, and one has yellow fur and the other has purple. Each twin has a distinct personality and interacts with the other one to play games and reveal other “surprise” moments.

Where to Buy:

We’ll do the heavy lifting for you on this. Here’s where you can buy in the comfort of your own home. Sold out? Keep checking in, as retailers will be continually restocking through the holiday season—but of course, don’t wait too long!

Target: Peacat/Giraven/Ligull (Target Exclusive)
Walmart: Peacat/Giraven/Zuffin (Walmart Exclusive)
Toys R Us: Peacat/Giraven/Puppadee (Toys R Us Exclusive)
Kmart: Peacat/Giraven
Michaels: Peacat