It’s 20 seconds of over-the-top romance, and we can’t wait until it premieres on May 13th.

By Sarah Yang
Updated March 19, 2018
Harry Meghan Lifetime Movie
Credit: Courtesy of Lifetime

The trailer for the most anticipated film of the year is here: Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance. Oh, if you thought we were going to say the Mary Poppins sequel, or the new Avengers film, we’re sorry to mislead, but we are buckling down on royal wedding watch over here.

The trailer is peak Lifetime cheesiness—and we’re not complaining. It starts with Meghan Markle (played by Parisa Fitz-Henley) asking Prince Harry (played by Murray Fraser), “Tell me something real.” Cue a montage of scenes from the couple’s epic romance—vacationing in Botswana, the famed proposal over roast chicken in their cottage, and a lot of kissing in various locations—all shown with a voiceover from Prince Harry, “I don’t need my life to be this perfect royal picture. I just need you.”

We’re happy to report that Murray Fraser did get the royal ginger treatment and dyed his hair red for the role, which was something we were worried about when we saw that the actor has brown hair IRL. But, there’s another thing that might cause alarm, and that’s a racy scene of the couple in bed. Don’t tell the queen! In the film’s defense, Prince William and Kate Middleton's Lifetime movie had a bed scene, too, so it’s all for the sake of movie romance.

The network also released two new photos from the film—one of Prince Harry and Markle dancing (pictured above) and another of the royal fab four at a fancy dinner party. No word yet on whether they dressed Prince George in shorts or not.

william kate harry meghan
Credit: Courtesy of Lifetime

The movie premieres on Sunday, May 13th at 8 p.m. EST, almost a week before the royal wedding on May 19th.

Photos courtesy of Lifetime.