Hit tracks from the popular show are now available in kid-friendly form. 

By Nora Horvath
Updated April 13, 2017
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So you’ve already listened to—and memorized—every word in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s popular show, Hamilton? Unfortunately while the storyline and songs are both fun and educational, the mix of occasional profanity and upbeat tracks make it not exactly kid-friendly.

Thanks to a group of musicians from Los Angeles that go by the name Rockabye Baby, you can now reconcile your love for Miranda’s hip hop hits and the need to soothe your kids before bed. Rockabye Baby’s most recent release is an 8-track CD of relaxing instrumental lullaby versions of Hamilton songs for your little ones. Instead of rapping and loud drumming, this version uses wood blocks, marimbas, and other soft percussion to change the feel of the songs without losing their original melodies. The track list includes popular songs from the show like “My Shot,” “You’ll Be Back,” and “Wait for It.”

Rockabye Baby’s goal is to take rock music loved by parents and transform those songs into calming lullabies for babies, hoping to make rock and pop music into kid-friendly tunes that adults will also enjoy. The award-winning group has put out more than 70 releases to date, and artists they have covered include arrangements of Beyoncé, Rhianna, Grateful Dead, and even Iron Maiden.

Rockabye Baby: Lullaby Renditions of Songs from Hamilton, is available to buy or stream on Amazon. Or, for the old school parent in your life, selections of their albums are available in vinyl.