Here are a few things you can expect from A Year In the Life.

By Samantha Zabell
Updated October 25, 2016
Each installment of the Gilmore Girls revival feels more like a movie—at 90 minutes, they’re far more dramatic and plot-filled than television episodes. The first chapter, Winter, reunites fans with the cast almost 10 years later, and Stars Hollow looks like a snow globe. Seeing Lorelai’s house decked out in Christmas lights will give you major nostalgia.Watch here.
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Earlier today, Netflix released the official trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life, and it’s safe to say that Gilmore fans all over the world have probably already watched it at least 10 times. The trailer gives us everything we wanted: a taste of every season in Stars Hollow, a moment with each of our favorite characters, and a nod to the brilliance of Pop Tarts and coffee—all set to the theme song that still gives us chills. If you’re ready to take a deeper dive into the two-minute preview, we have you covered. After a careful replay of the trailer, we’ve uncovered a few hidden moments that may have otherwise escaped your notice.

Saeed Adyani/Netflix

The Girls Get Their Coffee From Al’s Pancake World Now.

In the opening scene, as they walk through the snow, they’re seen carrying Al’s coffee cups instead of Luke’s. Did Luke stop making coffee?! Or did Al just perfect his recipe?

Paris and Doyle Are Still Together.

It’s a brief moment, but if you do an obsessive pause-play-pause-play routine like we did, you’ll see a shot from a living room with a photo of Doyle on the nightstand, and a big portrait of the Eiffel Tower, which we assume is a nod to Paris herself.

Sutton Foster and Christian Borle Are Starring In the Stars Hollow Musical.

That news was initially released earlier this year after Foster confirmed her involvement with the revival. Now, we see her and Tony award winning actor Borle dancing together in pilgrim costumes. Is the town hosting a Thanksgiving-themed show?

Rory Potentially Works At the Stars Hollow Gazette.

Jess fans likely squealed when he came on the screen with Rory. But if you pause the trailer at that exact moment, you’ll see the window behind Rory spells out Stars Hollow Gazette. Is she working there, or just freelancing? Stay tuned. At least we know she still has a passion for writing.

The Gilmores Got a New Fridge.

Remember when Lorelai had to dump the contents of her refrigerator because of that weird buzzing sound? Looks like the appliance finally gave out, because a brand new one is spotted in the kitchen with a big red bow, implying a possibly generous gift from Luke. (And while we’re here, it looks like Luke may have redone the entire kitchen—the oven looks far too complicated for the Gilmores’ usual sock-warming needs).

There’s a Mysterious Limo Afoot.

Again, it takes some serious scrutiny, but there’s a quick shot of a fancy limo door being opened just outside Luke’s diner (as he passes a check to Caesar). Who’s inside? Whoever it is, Luke doesn’t look happy about it (but then again, does he ever look happy?)

Carole King Is Back.

You can spot her in the second row of the town meeting, raising her hand in excitement for whatever Taylor is trying to rally the town around this time.

Plus, an Easter Egg for True Gilmore Fans.

As Dean turns back with his signature smile at Doose’s market, you can see a sign for cornstarch in the window. Ah, to be young and in love and kissed for the first time in the good aisle.

But, despite our meticulous analysis, we still don’t know why Kirk was at Friday night dinner. Want more? See our favorite Emily Gilmore moment from the trailer here.