12 Items Every True Gilmore Girls Fan Needs

Before you return to Stars Hollow on November 25, stock up on these shirts, prints, mugs, and more—all made for Gilmore Girls devotees. Oy with the merch already!


Stars Hollow Print

Photo by etsy.com

Who wouldn’t want to live in idyllic, but quirky Stars Hollow? This print features all the landmarks fans know and love: Luke’s, the Gazebo, the Gilmore house, and the church.

To buy: $15 for an 8”x10” print, etsy.com/tipsyriver.


Hep Alien T-Shirt

Photo by kindredhandicrafts.com

Show some love for your favorite (fictional) band with this super-soft tee. It even features an illustration of Martha, the band’s van. This t-shirt runs a bit small, so you might want to order a size up.

To buy: $28, kindredhandicrafts.com.


Luke’s Diner Mug

Photo by cafepress.com

Coffee, coffee, coffee! Stay caffeinated with this mug plastered with the famous Luke’s logo. Choose between a normal, 11-ounce size, or a Lorelai-approved, 20-ounce version.

To buy: $10, cafepress.com.


Where You Lead Pillow

Photo by redbubble.com

If hearing that theme song gives you all the feels, you need this pillow printed with Carole King’s classic lyrics. It’s perfect for relaxing and bingeing on the past seven seasons while you’re waiting for the next installment.

To buy: $19, redbubble.com.


You’re the Lorelai to My Rory Card

Photo by lookhuman.com

It may not be Mother’s Day any time soon, but if you and your mother are huge Gilmore fans, send her this one just because. It’s the ultimate compliment.

To buy: $6, lookhuman.com.


Doose’s Market Tote Bag

Photo by cafepress.com

You might not live near Doose’s, but you can still act like you shop there with this reusable tote bag. Take it with you when you’re running errands at your local grocery store (sorry, Taylor).

To buy: $15, cafepress.com.


Team Logan Pin

Photo by greenwichletterpress.com

Wear your OTP (one true pairing) pride with this small, one-inch wide enamel pin. Note: this editor is obviously Team Logan, but there are “Team Jess” and “Team Dean” ones available, too.

To buy: $12, greenwichletterpress.com.



Photo by etsy.com

Spruce up your fridge with these round magnets. Each one has an illustration of a beloved character. Warning: Every time you open the door for a snack, you might be inspired to eat like a Gilmore (that includes Pop Tart appetizers and endless leftover pizza).

To buy: For a similar product, $9, go to etsy.com.


Stars Hollow Phone Case

Photo by redbubble.com

If you can see yourself taking dance lessons at Miss Patty’s, drinking coffee at Luke’s, and ordering anything but pancakes at Al’s Pancake World, this phone case is for you (and any other wannabe townie).

To buy: $25, redbubble.com.


Dragonfly Inn Key Tag

Photo by greenwichletterpress.com

Honor the historical street names of Stars Hollow with this creative keychain. It’s meant to look like a hotel key tag from the Dragonfly Inn—where we only wish we could stay for a weekend!

To buy: $6, greenwichletterpress.com.


Rory Gilmore Sweatshirt

Photo by lookhuman.com

Don this comfy find when you’re curling up with a good book (or the Compact Oxford English Dictionary). It’s the coziest thing to wear when you’re lounging, running errands, or even hanging out with your friends.

To buy: For a similar product, $12, go to etsy.com.


Eat Like a Gilmore Cookbook

Photo by amazon.com

While Lorelai and Rory don’t cook, you can try your hand at some Gilmore-inspired recipes. This unofficial cookbook features dishes that could be straight out of Luke’s diner, Sookie’s kitchen, or on the Friday Night Dinner menu. Recipes include Salmon Puffs (an Emily-approved favorite), Magic Risotto (it’s more than fine), and blueberry pancakes (a diner staple), among others.

To buy: $15, amazon.com.