And you can hang out with Emily, Jackson, Michel, and more. 

By Samantha Zabell
Updated August 24, 2016
Scott Humbert/Getty Images

If you simply can't wait until the much-anticipated November revival to get your Gilmore Girls fix, we have great news: you might not have to. The Gilmore Girls Fan Fest weekend was just announced, and it's headed for Washington Depot, CT on October 21. This means breakfast at Luke's, tea at the Inn, photo opps in front of the gazebo, and so much more.

True fans know that Washington Depot was the inspiration for Stars Hollow, and that was one of the reasons mega-fans Jennie and Marcus Whitaker decided to produce this event in that particular city. Thanks to their planning, the weekend is shaping up to be more exciting than the Starlight Festival—there will be cake tasting, episode screenings, a knit-a-thon, and more. The Whitakers have even promised a town troubadour.

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There will also be a Town Hall meeting (snacks required) where cast members will participate in a panel about the show, and hopefully give us a few hints on what's to come in the revival. Confirmed cast members include Kelly Bishop (Emily), Jackson Douglas (Jackson), Yanic Truesdale (Michel), and more. The panel will take place on Saturday, October 22.

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“We are excited to play a role in the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest," Lisa Stein, president of the Washington Business Association, said in a statement. "For years, we have watched fans look for Gilmore-inspired sites in town and I think this will provide them with even more than they could hope for.”

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