9 Fun Game Night Supplies to Take Your Evening In to the Next Level

If you play your cards right, you’ll spend lots of cozy weekends at home this winter. Here, we have a deck of those cards—and a few more worthy splurges for fun all season.

Dusen Dusen Stack Pattern Puzzle

Game Night Supplies: Dusen Dusen Stack Pattern Puzzle
Courtesy of manufacturer

The colorful graphics will keep guests inspired. The 500 pieces will keep them chatting, challenged, and collaborating.

To buy: $25; amazon.com.

Rainbow Playing Cards

Game Night Supplies: Rainbow Playing Cards
Courtesy of manufacturer

Upgrade your game of hearts with a deck that trades the red and black suits for an ombré range of colors.

To buy: $12; amazon.com.

Sunnylife Lucite 4-in-a-Row Game

Game Night Supplies: Sunnylife Lucite 4-in-a-Row Game
Courtesy of manufacturer

There's no need to put this game away when you're done playing. The acrylic rack is pretty enough to keep on display.

To buy: $120; shopbop.com.

Vintage Copper Smartphone Projector

Game Night Supplies: Vintage Copper Smartphone Projector
Courtesy of manufacturer

Point this cardboard projector at a blank wall and the whole group can watch what's on your phone.

To buy: $30; papersource.com.

Wine-O's Hexagons

Game Night Supplies: Wine-O’s Hexagons
Peter Ardito

Stylish felt hexagons that slip onto wineglass stems are like the champagne of drink charms.

To buy: $19 for 12; graf-lantz.com.

Peak Popcorn Popper

Game Night Supplies: Peak Popcorn Popper
Courtesy of manufacturer

You're two minutes away from a healthy snack with a collapsible, microwavable vessel that holds more than nine cups of popcorn—no oil or butter required.

To buy: $20; amazon.com.

Nolita Cocktail Set

Game Night Supplies: Nolita Cocktail Set
Courtesy of manufacturer

Mix a few cocktails using this sleek, color-block tool set.

To buy: $100; katespade.com.

Oven-to-Table Two-Part Dish Set

Game Night Supplies: Oven-to-Table Two-Part Dish Set
Courtesy of manufacturer

Cheese dips have never looked as classy as they do in this heat-safe, split serving dish.

To buy: $25; crateandbarrel.com.

Ginger Fox After Dinner Trivia Tin

Game Night Supplies: Ginger Fox After Dinner Trivia Tin
Courtesy of manufacturer

With 300 trivia cards in six categories, this game will entertain guests for hours.

To buy: $30; amazon.com.

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