The Tanners made quite the investment.

By Sarah Yang
Updated February 26, 2016
Full House house in San Francisco
Credit: Matt Templon

With the revival of the popular 90s sitcom, Full House, premiering on Netflix this weekend, everyone's talking about seeing Danny, Uncle Jesse, Uncle Joey, DJ, Stephanie, Kimmy Gibbler, Aunt Becky, and twins Nicky and Alex on their screens (albeit probably on a computer or tablet) again. But another big character in the series is set to makes its return, too: the iconic Victorian house the Tanners and company lived in for all eight seasons. In the new series, Fuller House, DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy all move in the home to help raise DJ's three young boys.

While the series was shot in Burbank, California, on the Warner Brothers lot, the exterior shots of the home feature a real-life house at 1709 Broderick Street in San Francisco's Lower Pacific Heights. There have been plenty of stories questioning how feasible it was for TV anchor Danny to afford the house, even with uncles Jesse and Joey pitching in. The answer has always been: highly unlikely.

But since they did live in that house on the show (or a similar Victorian house), whether they could afford it or not, it turns out that this investment would've paid off, according to the real estate experts at Zillow. They estimate the price of that house or a similar home in the neighborhood to be about $3.5 million, which is significantly higher than the neighborhood's median home value. In 1996, Zillow estimated that the median home value in the neighborhood was $286,900 and today it's $1,178,000 (not accounting for inflation). "San Francisco is currently one of the hottest markets in the country, and most neighborhoods within the metro area have seen massive home price appreciations since the 90’s, including Lower Pacific Heights," says Zillow's Chief Economist, Svenja Gudell. "In general, the neighborhood would have been a great investment opportunity for those who could afford to buy in the 90s and hold onto the home for a while."

Since the San Francisco housing market is one of the most expensive and competitive in the country, it seems that DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy have lucked out with this prime piece of real estate.