11 Great Netflix Movies to Watch With Dad on Father's Day

Break out the popcorn to binge-watch one (or more) of these fabulous films with your favorite dad this Father's Day.

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If you don't have your Father's Day plans all wrapped up yet, consider one of these options that'll be 100 percent dad approved. Whether your dad loves documentaries, dramas, or really good standup, you'll find the perfect thing for a little binging and bonding time with your dad.

(And hey, even if you've already planned a great Father's Day gift or some exciting Father's Day activities—a great Netflix movie is the perfect way to wind down his big day.)

Movies to watch with your dad


Kevin Hart stars in this heartfelt dramedy about a single dad trying to raise his daughter after the death of his wife—perfect for a dad going on his own (or just a dad who loves a movie with all the feels).

The Adam Project

At the heart of this clever time-travel movie is a father-son bonding story, as Ryan Reynolds plays Adam, a fighter pilot who heads back to 2022 to try to save the future (and his relationship with his dad—played by Mark Ruffalo).

Over the Moon

In this lovely (and family-friendly) father-daughter story, a young girl builds a rocket to the moon after the loss of her mother.

Operation Mincemeat

If your dad can't get enough of WWII history (or spy stories), treat him to this based-on-a-true-story tale of British intelligence espionage in an attempt to fool Hitler, featuring Colin Firth.

My Octopus Teacher

This engrossing documentary, which scored the Best Documentary Oscar, follows the filmmaker's relationship with an octopus he discovers while snorkeling in a kelp forest—and how it impacted his relationship with his own son.

The Comeback Kid

Comedian John Mulaney's father regularly features in his comedy routines—and odds are you (or your dad) will relate to his hilarious stories about his interactions with his dad. The Comeback Kid, in particular, features some amazing dad-related stories, including his dad's stone-cold vacation behavior that will definitely be relatable for a lot of fathers out there.

The Last Dance

You'll need to carve out a little time for this documentary series—but your sports-loving dad will love getting an inside look at the legendary Chicago Bulls team in this 10-part series.

The Trial of the Chicago Seven

If your dad's a history buff, this dramatic take on the 1969 trial of anti-Vietnam War protestors at the Chicago Democratic National Convention will be right up his alley—but this much-nominated drama with an all-star cast will also appeal to dads who love a little drama

Mitchells vs. the Machines

This clever animated movie about the world's weirdest family taking on an uprising of electronics works beautifully for an all-ages Father's Day movie fest—or if you just consider your family particularly offbeat.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

This comedy classic from one of the world's most legendary comedy troupes offers a completely hilarious look at the Quest for the Holy Grail. It's the perfect film for a silly evening together.

Dick Johnson Is Dead

In this funny and poignant documentary, which won the U.S. documentary award at Sundance, filmmaker Kirsten Johnson explores the end of her father's life. Her father, who has dementia, acts out numerous scenarios of ways he might die—and even his own funeral.

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