Here’s a new binge-watch opportunity.

By Sarah Yang
Updated January 17, 2018
NBC/Getty Images

Before we met Meredith Grey and the staff at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital (formerly known as Seattle Grace, and then Seattle Grace Mercy West), we caught up with Doug Ross, Mark Green, John Carter, and Carol Hathaway (among others) every week. ER, the longest-running primetime medical drama, was at the forefront of the American zeitgeist from its first episode in 1994 to its last in 2009. Now, all 331 episodes (that’s 15 seasons!) are available to stream on Hulu for longtime fans of the show, plus new viewers who might have been too young to catch up on the drama when it first aired.

For those not "in the know" about the show, ER was a scripted medical drama set in a Chicago hospital that aired on NBC. It followed the lives of the patients that came through the hospital’s doors, but more so the (often dramatic and messy) personal lives of the doctors, nurses, and hospital administration. Not to mention, it launched the careers of many big stars like George Clooney and Julianna Marguiles. The show won 23 Emmys and was nominated 124 times throughout its decade and a half run.

Many of the show’s themes still hold up today, so even if though it’s been off the air for 11 years, new viewers can still relate to the drama and romance. I think it’s also safe to say that without ER’s realistic portrayal of a hospital workplace, we wouldn’t have shows like Grey’s Anatomy or Chicago Med.

You can stream on Hulu with a subscription (there’s a free trial if you’ve never signed up for the service before).