And other things we learned from the new Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life trailer.

By Sarah Yang
Updated October 25, 2016
Emily Gilmore
Credit: Netflix

Here’s one thing that definitely sparks joy in our lives: the debut (finally!) of the trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix. It’s everything we wanted and so much more—it might just tide us over until the new episodes premiere on Netflix on November 25 at 12:01 a.m. PST.

The trailer is packed with so many hints about what’s to come. We learn that Rory is living a “vagabond existence,” with no job and no insurance. Lorelai’s present and future (with Luke?) is “hazier” than ever before. And Emily feels lost after the death of Richard. Of course, there are plenty of storylines with the townies (including a Stars Hollow musical) and we get glimpses of old favorites: Sookie, Michel, Lane, Paris, Dean, Jess, and Logan all make appearances.

But one of our favorite tidbits is that even Emily Gilmore has jumped on the KonMari Method bandwagon. The extremely popular Method, developed by Japanese organizational expert Marie Kondo, involves decluttering by category and only keeping the things that “spark joy” in your life. “Hold each object in your hand,” Kondo previously told Real Simple. “If it doesn’t spark joy, you know you need to part with it.”

Indeed, in the trailer, the family matriarch is shown cleaning out the Gilmore house (dressed down in jeans and t-shirt?!): “I’m decluttering my life. If it brings you joy, you keep it. If it doesn’t out it goes,” she tells Lorelai. Given the amount of antiques and heirlooms the Gilmores have inherited, we imagine she could spend a full 90-minute episode purging her home. She takes the Method so seriously, she even gets rid of the dining room chairs (“They don’t bring me joy”). But where will they sit for Friday night dinner?

We’ll have to wait to see what else she organizes when the revival debuts on Netflix, but if you’re craving more Gilmore, you can take a look at our frame-by-frame analysis of the trailer here.