The possibilities are endless. 

By Nora Horvath
Updated March 22, 2017

A new Kickstarter campaign, BRIXO, wants to bring your Lego creations to a new level by powering them to life. The minds behind BRIXO created Lego-compatible electric bricks that safely conduct electricity and connect to your phone so you can create interactive elements while building.

The idea for the blocks started when co-founder Boaz Almog’s son tried to combine his electric science kit with his favorite toy (Legos), but found it impossible because of the tangled wires. Almog realized that coating bricks with a conductive chrome exterior would eliminate the need for cords and would create fun and educational building blocks.

The conductive toy, which is compatible with original Legos, features Bluetooth connectivity as well as light and motion sensors. And because there are no wires, the blocks provide a safe way for young children to experiment with electricity and engineering.

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Each set includes connector blocks, the chrome pieces used for conducting the electricity; trigger blocks that are set to respond to environmental conditions, including Bluetooth sensors, sound sensors, light sensors and proximity sensors; and action blocks, which include light-up blocks and motor blocks. Each kit also comes complete with access to 3D building instructions and an online library of models and hacks.

Since the start of the campaign, over one million dollars have been raised by backers, far surpassing the original $50,000 goal. Though the initial campaign has closed, the sets are available for pre-order on the fundraising page.