If you spent this afternoon watching the eclipse, you’re in good company!

By Priyanka Aribindi
Updated August 21, 2017
Scott Olson/Getty Images

On Monday, August 21 The Great American Solar Eclipse took place across the country, offering stunning views of the sun obscured by the moon throughout the continental United States. With thousands crowding the streets to catch a brief glimpse of the sight and tuning into live streams on social media, we certainly were not the only ones enjoying the occasion.

Celebrities were no exception either—this afternoon, many turned to social media to share their excitement along with safety warnings for their fans. Viewing the eclipse with the naked eye was said to be highly dangerous, and celebs took that warning seriously. Many shared images and videos of themselves in special eclipse glasses to protect their eyes as they took in the view.

Sarah Jessica Parker shared a video of her sightings, captioned “The thrills of eclipse chasing!”

“See the sun, don’t look too long,” she warned fans, as she shared a video of her view from a boat in South Carolina, a location on the eclipse’s path of totality.

“Maybe one of the most thrilling moments of my life outside of course having my children and marriage and all that, wow!”

Parker wasn’t the only celebrity excited about the moment. Busy Phillipps shared a shot of herself sporting the protective glasses, taken by her 4-year-old daughter, Cricket, who she watched with.

Kristen Bell also shared a photo of her viewing location, though it was very different than Parker’s eclipse-chasing boat. She posted a selfie among thousands of other people on the streets of New York City with this hopeful message: “Watching the #eclipse from a NY street corner—everyone sharing glasses. There are still things that bring us together!”