Oh we just can’t wait(!) till twenty-nineteen.

By Liz Steelman
Updated August 08, 2017

Have you ever wished there was some way to stream all your favorite Disney films—new and old—in one place? Well, turns out Cinderella was right—dreams really do come true. Today, the Walt Disney Company announced in a press release that they’re coming out with an all-Disney streaming service sometime in 2019.

The Netflix-like streaming site will be the exclusive home to all the new live action and animated movies from Disney and Pixar from 2019 and beyond. The first movies that will be released on the streaming platform are Toy Story 4, the sequel to Frozen, and the live-action remake of The Lion King. The company will also release original shows and movies, much like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Viewers will also be able to watch movies and shows aired on Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD. And if you’ve been saving all your VHS tapes from the 90s because some haven’t been re-released on DVD or Blu-Ray, you might finally have reason to toss them: the press release states that already released Disney and Pixar movies will be available, too—meaning that the streaming service might put all the classics together in one place.

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However, there is one apparent downside to the new service. Currently, Disney has an agreement that Netflix will to stream its new releases, meaning you can watch your favorite Disney movies like Moana and Finding Dory and binge Orange Is the New Black while only paying for one service. However, when the Disney exclusive service is released in 2019, this agreement will end and new releases will go on the new site. There is no word yet if all existing Disney content will be pulled from other streaming services once the service is live.