The interaction shows a whole other side of Miranda Priestly.

By Liz Steelman
Updated September 01, 2017
James Devaney / Getty Images

The Devil Wears Prada is an immensely rewatchable movie featuring Meryl Streep in a powerhouse performance. If you’re like us, you’ve probably seen it a million times—we know every scene, every look, every iconic line and comeback uttered by each character. Well gird your loins: Even the biggest DWP super fan probably hasn't seen the surprising deleted scene that, if aired, could have shifted the entire movie.

Earlier this week, Spencer Althouse, a Buzzfeed writer, unearthed a deleted scene on Twitter that shows the whole movie could have been built around a quite different Miranda Priestly ("Thank God somebody came to work today!').

A little context: Emily, Miranda’s first assistant, is sick, so Miranda calls upon Andy to attend the infamous yearly Runway benefit taking place later that night, as well. This is problematic because Andy was planning on celebrating her boyfriend’s birthday (especially important since things have been a little tense between the two of them lately as she changes for her job). Once she gets to the benefit, she feels as if the clock is ticking and is impatient to get to the celebration.

Originally, Andy gains Miranda’s trust and shows her reliability when an Ambassador and his girlfriend approach the Runway editor-in-chief, but Emily blanks and is unable to provide the names of the couple. Andy comes through with the names and the next time we see her, she's racing down the stairs on her way out.

In the deleted scene, however, we see Emily telling Andy she can leave to attend her boyfriend’s birthday—but then Miranda’s husband waltzes in, drunk, and insults the CEO of the Runway’s parent company. Andy swiftly softens the blow, stepping in and asking the CEO a piece of little-known hey-day magazine trivia. Then, quite surprisingly, Miranda mouths “Thank you” to Andy.

The scene feels particularly shocking because it could have been an early explanation for why Andy stays at her job even though she’s constantly jumping through hoops: it's not totally thankless and perhaps Miranda even appreciates her. Additionally, we see a whole other side of Miranda that’s not shown until the end of the original theatrical cut of the film: she's not just an ice queen for the sake of it. She’s a more complex, sympathetic character and there might be something going on at home that could be making her act out at work.

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Though you might be tempted to see the movie a little differently now, it’s important to note that the scene did end up on the cutting room floor. It ultimately seems like it didn't fit Miranda's character, or the storyline of the Devil Wears Prada. So while surprising to fans, it doesn’t change anything about the movie you so know and love. As Miranda would say, "That's all."