While we won’t be getting a revival (yet), Katie Holmes told Jimmy Fallon the cast was getting together.

By Sarah Yang
Updated March 07, 2018
Warner Bros./Getty Images

We don’t want to wait for a Dawson’s Creek revival—we want it now. While fans can’t expect a revival anytime soon, since the cast has said in the past that they don’t want to do an official reunion, we do have inside intel that they do keep in touch.

Jimmy Fallon asked Katie Holmes on his talk show if the cast ever see each other, and she replied, “Every now and then, and we’re all gonna get together, so it’ll be really exciting.” Can we be a fly on the wall during that reunion, please?

This potential gathering of Dawson, Joey, Pacey, and Jen might bring some hope to fans—maybe if the cast were having so much fun reminiscing together, they wouldn’t want the reunion to end… and boom, a revival is born. Hey, if Gilmore Girls can get a revival after the cast reunited at a TV festival, we can dream right? And if we’re all dreaming, in a perfect world, the foursome would return to Capeside, Jen would miraculously be risen from the dead, Joey and Pacey would be together, and Dawson would have won an Academy Award already.

Holmes told Fallon a Dawson’s Creek secret: she almost missed getting the role because of her school play. After seeing an audition tape that Holmes sent in, the producers wanted her to fly out to do a screen test, but the date conflicted with the night of her school play. Holmes decided to tell them she couldn’t go to the audition, but luckily the producers ended up waiting for her—and we all know the rest is history.

But there was another funny twist to Holmes’ audition process. Dawson’s Creek creator Kevin Williamson later told Holmes that there was a snag in her original audition tape. “He said, ‘Katie, I only saw half of your audition because your sister’s volleyball game was taped through it.’ And I’m still that good at technology,” Holmes told Fallon. We’re glad she still got the part!

Watch the interview below.