Marty Bruckner brings kids' imaginations to life.

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Crumbs Just Follow Me
Credit: Marty Bruckner

Artist Martin “Marty” Bruckner has been drawing his whole life. But it wasn’t until after his daughter was born that he realized that the heartwarming conversations he had while sitting at the dinner table with his wife and kid would translate into hilarious illustrations.

His art first came to light when he started sharing his work on his now-popular Tumblr blog, Spaghetti Toes (a name which, unsurprisingly, also came from his 5-year-old daughter, Harper). In addition to sayings from Harper, he features the custom illustrations he does for other parents who reach out with their own kids’ phrases.

Since then, Bruckner has expanded his kid-inspired art empire to include an Etsy store where readers can order prints he made or have their child’s cute sayings turned into custom, memorable art for their home.

This month, Bruckner published a selection of 100 of his favorite prints in a book titled I Love You With All My Butt!: An Illustrated Book of Big Thoughts From Little Kids. The book is both touching and hilarious, and includes sweet comments from little ones that highlight the fun and imaginative experience of being a child figuring out the world.

Scroll down for a look at some of the funny illustrations from the book and two images created exclusively for Real Simple staffer Elizabeth Passarella’s son.

I love you with my heart and soil
Credit: Marty Bruckner
I want to keep my fever it's my magical power
Credit: Marty Bruckner
Mommy are you still wearing your angry eyebrows
Credit: Marty Bruckner
I think I just swallowed my taste bugs
Credit: Marty Bruckner