Wine and craft night, anyone?

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated December 19, 2017
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Looking for an update to the popular wine and painting party? Host a wine and craft night, then turn the empty bottles into candle holders, olive oil cruets, or flower vases. These wine bottle crafts would make adorable gifts, or keep them for yourself so you can admire your handywork every time you buy a bouquet or light a candle. So go ahead, crack open another bottle of rose and let your creativity flow.

Olive Oil and Vinegar Bottles

Clean and dry two small wine bottles. With a paint marker, label one jar for olive oil and the other for vinegar. Use a funnel (hint: roll a piece of waxed paper into a makeshift funnel) to fill the bottles with oil and vinegar. Top them with food-grade pour spouts with rubber plugs (we used these spouts).

Wine Bottle Candle Holders

Place the bottle onto the bottle cutter, and making sure the bottle is level, spin it to score a line where you would like to cut. Hold the scored line above a candle to heat it up, rotating it evenly, then turn bottle in a bowl filled with ice to cool it down quickly. Repeat the heating and cooling process until the glass snaps along the line. Carefully sand the sharp edges of the glass and wipe off any soot left by the candle smoke. Place a tealight on a stone or ceramic surface, then cover with the top half of the bottle.

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Wine Bottle Vase

Cut the top off of a clean and dry wine bottle, using a glass cutter machine and following the process above. To keep the label on the bottle intact, cut at least an inch above the label, and cover the label with a towel to protect it when rubbing the bottle on ice.