3 Adorable (and Easy!) Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Looking to tear your kids away from the TV? Entertain them with these fun DIY ideas, excerpted from the new craft book, Paper Goods Projects.


Paper Bag Animal Favors

Photo by Amy Gropp Forbes

Materials needed:
brown paper lunch bags
scarp cardboard and bags
paint and paintbrushes
dot stickers or punched circles
double-sided tape

1. Fold down a flap that is about 3½" to 4" (longer for the bunny). Fold the two bottom corners in to make the flap pointy, as shown (or fold in only one corner, as for the mouse).
2. Cut ears, tails, and/or antlers onto scrap cardboard and bags.
3. Paint the bags using the photos as a guide. (You can do this with the bag standing up, as shown, or you can lay it flat.) Let them dry completely.
4. Use the adhesive dots to glue on the ears, tails, and/or antlers. Add dot stickers and/or punched circle eyes and noses.
5. Open the folded flap and fill with party favor(s). Refold and close with an adhesive dot or a Velcro dot, if you want the bags to be resealable.


Balloon Flowers

Photo by Amy Gropp Forbes

Once you get the hang of folding and cutting the paper petals for these flowers, making them goes really fast. They can be hung on a wall or grouped on a table. Start with any size squares of kraft paper or recycled paper bags.

Materials needed:
kraft paper or recycled paper bags, cut into squares ranging from 10" to 14"
balloon pump
regular round and water balloons string (optional)

1. Fold the paper squares in half and then in half again (into quarters). Fold diagonally in half again and then in half one last time.
2. Cut the open end into a half petal shape, as shown.
3. Open the flower. Poke a small hole in the center with the point of the scissors.
4. Inflate a balloon. Pull the knot through the hole in the center of the flower.
5. If you’re hanging the flowers, tie a string to the knot behind the flower, and hang in a desired spot.


Cupcake Paper Necklace

Photo by Amy Gropp Forbes

Materials needed:
standard or mini cupcake papers in floral colors and leaf colors
blunt sewing needle with a large eye

1. Fold a floral-colored cupcake paper in half and in half again.
2. Cut the ridged edge into thirds. Cut into the ridged folded edges as well.
3. Round out the bottoms of these flaps into a petal shape.
4. Open the fold so that it is folded in half. Twist the bottom, and put a finger inside the flower to spread the petals. Fold a tiny triangle at the base to secure the twist, and hot-glue it closed.
5. Make leaves following the instructions in step 3 at left.
6. Cut a piece of string long enough so that once knotted it will easily slip over the child’s head. Thread the needle with the string. Use the needle to poke through the twisted bottom of the flowers. Knot the two ends together.
7. Hot-glue a leaf or two under each flower.