These festive lights lend a touch of magic to DIY holiday decor. Their glimmer is a little softer than traditional Christmas lights and better yet, they’re battery operated meaning, you won’t have to go hunting for an outlet to plug into. Another feature we love? The lights are typically set in copper wire, making it easy to twist them into shapes or wrap around oddly-shaped objects (like the cactus below!).

By Brandi Broxson
Updated December 19, 2017
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Starry Lantern

This glowy jar is the perfect addition to a mantle. First, use glue dots to adhere pre-cut gold stars to the string of fairy lights. Place the lights in a large Mason jar or glass container, securing the battery under the lid with electrical tape.

Festive Gift Wrap

No ribbon? No worries. A gift in plain wrapping paper feels extra special with a fairy light bow. First, use clear tape to secure the battery to the gift’s underside, and then wind the lights around the package, finishing with two loops for the bow. Flick the on switch right before gifting.

Holiday Card Decor

Upcycle a large picture or poster frame to display your holiday cards. Use electrical tape to secure a width of lights to either side of the frame, making two rows. Gather any extra wire together and tape to bottom of the frame. Use clothespins to clip cards to light string. Hang frame on a wall or prop up on a mantle.

Decorate a Cactus

Christmas trees aren’t the only plant that should get some light love. Wrap a cactus (or any plant you have around the house) with lights and add ornaments for a festive alternative tree (hide the battery pack on the plant’s backside).

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