So stunning, there's no way they're fake. 

Credit: TOBIAS SCHWARZ / Getty Images

In the midst of winter, there’s nothing like fresh flowers to brighten our mood. However, colorful blooms aren’t exactly in season right now. Luckily, we can fake the feeling with lifelike faux flowers, and Michaels has come to the rescue with a bunch of new styles. And we can’t take our eyes off of all the gorgeous pictures.

Michaels has been posting some unbelievably stunning photos of its new in-store floral displays on Instagram, and we can’t stop dreaming of spring since we first laid eyes on them.

In the store, you can walk through a sea of faux florals arranged by color, so it really feels like you’re frolicking through rainbow flower fields inside your neighborhood craft store.

The best part is that they’re not just posting pictures, but Michaels is also posting some craft projects that you can create with these fresh finds. Bonus: all of the tools and materials are linked on the website, so you can get started on your project even faster.

For example, the hoop wreath tutorial can be done in a flash. All you need are some blush hops, eucalyptus leaves, succulent stems, and an Orlane rose, plus basic supplies like a glue gun, to get your project underway. And yes, they even have an Ultra Violet-themed Pantone section if you’re trying to whip up a project featuring the Color of the Year.