A florist teaches us the trick for transforming an inexpensive bouquet into custom arrangements.

By Real Simple
Updated December 20, 2017

While we love filling our homes with fresh flowers and dream of having a custom bouquet in every room, the cost typically prevents this dream from becoming a reality. However, when we reached out to Alexandra Thune, a floral designer at Honeysuckle Hill Flowers in Brooklyn, she revealed the secret to turning inexpensive grocery store blooms into two stunning bouquets. Turns out, it’s all about separating the flowers, sticking with a cohesive color palette, and supplementing with some inexpensive greenery. Suddenly, a lackluster bouquet turns into two stunning arrangements. Use the larger arrangement as a focal point on your coffee table or in your kitchen, and let the small bud vase bouquet perk up your bathroom or bedroom.

What You Need

  • Grocery store bouquet
  • Inexpensive textured greenery (we used seeded eucalyptus)
  • Vase
  • Bud vase

Follow These Steps

  1. Start by sorting the flowers in the bouquet. Pick one cohesive color palette for the main bouquet, and set aside all other colored blooms.
  2. Add a base of greenery to the vase, trimming the stems as needed to fit the vessel.
  3. Pop in colorful blooms, sticking to the chosen color palette.
  4. Use the leftover flowers to create a mini bud vase bouquet. Start by adding a base of greenery, trimming the stems to fit the bud vase.
  5. Add a focal flower—one large colorful bloom.
  6. Tuck in a few colorful filler flowers—smaller blooms that won’t steal the spotlight.