With this video on how to make a stress ball, you’re just 5 minutes away from serenity.

By Real Simple Editors
Updated May 01, 2019

It’s okay to admit if you’re feeling a little (okay, a lot) stressed right now. But rather than taking out your stress on others (or a bag of cookies or chips), take a moment to squeeze your feelings into a homemade stress ball. Sure, mixing up some homemade slime can be relaxing, but this no-mess stress ball can be tossed in your handbag on hectic days. Just be sure to wrap the ball in a second balloon to make it extra-secure and prevent popping. Then whenever you’re feeling anxious, crabby, or otherwise stressed, give the mushy cornstarch-filled ball a hard squeeze and it will absorb all of your frustrations. Feeling better? We thought so. Here's exactly how to make a stress ball at home.

What You Need

Follow These Steps

  1. Roll the piece of paper to form a small funnel. Stick the funnel into the top of one balloon.
  2. Holding the top of the balloon securely, fill the balloon with cornstarch.
  3. Gently squeeze out any extra air in the balloon and tie the top securely. Snip off any excess, leaving at least ¼ inch.
  4. Cut about 1 inch off the top of a second balloon, then wrap it around the filled balloon. Tie the top of the balloon securely, then trim, leaving at least ¼ inch. The double layer will prevent the balloon from popping, but to preserve the life of your stress ball, avoid digging long nails directly into it, and transport it in a zip-top plastic bag.