How do you make a cheap phone case double as a wallet—and also as a cord organizer? Just get creative, and add a pocket for cards and cash and an elastic strap for wrangling earbuds and chargers. The pocket can be crafted from real or faux leather, or even sturdy felt, as long as you use the right adhesive for the material you’re attaching. Now when you head out to the park or run a quick errand, you won’t have to tote along your entire purse. Just grab your phone, and you’ll have all the essentials in hand.

What You Need

  • Ruler
  • Cardstock
  • Credit card
  • Plain phone case
  • Sheet of leather, faux leather, or heavyweight felt (we used this leather trim from Michaels)
  • Leather adhesive, such as Fiebing’s Leathercraft Cement (or E-6000 if adhering a felt pocket)
  • Flat woven elastic
  • 2 binder clips

Follow These Steps

  1. To create a template for the back of the pocket, use a pencil to trace about ¼ inch outside the credit card onto the cardstock. To create a template for the pocket front, trace ¼ inch outside the card again, but stop the outline three quarters of the way up the card. Connect the two top points. Cut out both pieces.
  2. Trace both pieces onto the leather trim using a pencil or chalk, then cut them out.
  3. Carefully apply adhesive to the outer edge of the pocket back, stopping three-quarters of the way up. Place the pocket front on top and smooth down the edges to adhere. Let dry before moving on to the next step.
  4. Turn the pocket over and apply a generous coating of adhesive to the back. Place the pocket on the back of the phone case and smooth out any creases. Let dry completely.
  5. Apply glue to one end of the elastic and secure to the inner rim of the case. Wrap the elastic around the back of the case, pulling it taut, and trimming off any excess before adhering the other end to the opposite side of the case. Hold the ends in place with binder clips until completely dry.

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