Dayna Isom Johnson turned her love for style and design into a successful career. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated November 13, 2018
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You know when you meet someone whose job sounds so unique and cool you can’t imagine how they found such a great gig? Well, Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy’s resident trend expert, is one of those people. As a trend pro, she spends her days scrolling Etsy (can you say dream job?), looking at trend reports, and writing up her own trend predictions and posts for the Etsy blog. To find out how she landed such a dreamy job and learn more about what it’s like to predict trends for a living, we met up with Isom Johnson at Etsy’s creative Brooklyn office.

How She Created Her Own Job

Before working at Etsy, Isom Johnson was doing marketing and PR for women’s fashion brands. And as a teenager, she thought she would either become a fashion buyer or a fashion consultant. She was interested in style and trends, but wasn’t sure where these interests would lead her. To find her dream job, she realized that she’d have to create it herself. “This job didn’t exist,” she explain, “I carved it out myself.” She wanted to stay at Etsy long-term, but her previous position wasn’t feeding her creativity enough.

For those in a similar situation, Isom Johnson suggests: “Speak up, that’s the first step. And two, come back with the reasons why that job is important.” If you can prove to the company or your boss the importance and value in creating this brand-new position, it’s more likely to become a reality. It took work and courage, but creating her own job paid off. “I love what I do every day,” she says. “Not a lot of people can say that.”

So, What Exactly Does a Trend Expert Do?

Isom Johnson spends time every day combing through Etsy listings, finding the freshest, newest items out there. Then, she consults traditional trend services and combines her Etsy findings with these predictions to create her monthly trend report and shopping guides for the Etsy Journal. As a trend pro, she has to keep up with themes as they emerge and helps predict and guide what’s next—even if she doesn’t always love the latest trend of the moment. Watch the video above to find out which style trends she has never been a fan of.

Being a trend expert has led Isom Johnson into some unique opportunities, including becoming one of the judges on NBC’s reality crafting show, Making It, where she puts her style skills to work judging the competitors’ handmade projects. By building her own one-of-a-kind job, Isom Johnson’s creative path has taken turns even a trend expert never could have predicted.