Craft Supply Checklist

Keep these supplies on hand so you can tackle your next DIY project with ease.

  1. Check Scissors

    Store them apart from your kitchen shears to keep them sharp.

  2. Check Utility knife

    For cutting along a straight edge or around places your scissors can’t.

  3. Check Self-healing cutting mat

    Protect your tabletop while working on a project.

  4. Check Clear-drying white glue

    Best for paper and thin fabrics.

  5. Check Glue gun

    For projects that need a sturdier hold.

  6. Check Clear tape

    Use on any areas that will show on your final product.

  7. Check Double-sided tape

    If anything needs to be repositioned later, use double-sided tape to place it.

  8. Check Pencils and sharpener

    Use for measuring and for sketching out any writing.

  9. Check Large eraser

    For when the nub on your pencil just won’t cut it.

  10. Check Black felt tip markers

    Best for lettering.

  11. Check Bone folder

    Get perfect creases on any paper folds.

  12. Check Ruler

    For precise measurements. Choose one with a metal edge and you won’t need a straight edge (see below) as well.

  13. Check Straight edge

    Use for drawing and cutting straight lines.

  14. Check Assorted paintbrushes

    Can be used with glue also. Just be sure to wash them thoroughly in between uses.

  15. Check Hole punch

    A single hole punch is the most versatile option

  16. Check Pliers

    Use to assemble any special pieces like grommets or jewelry projects.