Hint: this natural dye creates the most gorgeous blush pink color. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated February 01, 2018
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Avocado Toast on an avocado-dyed blanket
Credit: Rebecca Desnos

Natural dyes are having a moment right now, with curtains and pillow covers dipped in dyes made from avocado, beets, turmeric, and cabbage showing up on Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards. And while it's often surprising to see the gorgeous colors natural ingredients can produce, what avocado pits and skins are capable of is really shocking.

While you might expect the dark brown avocado pits and skins to create nothing more than a murky brown soup, they're actually able to dye fabrics the most stunning shades of blush. Depending upon how many avocados you use and how long you let the mixture sit, the hues can range from the palest shade of whisper pink to a rich dusty rose. Which really means you can't go wrong.

Want to test out the technique yourself, or just admire some of the inspiring work by natural-dye enthusiasts? Check out some of my favorites below, then follow them on Instagram to see what they're brewing next.

Maria Elena Pombo of Fragmentario is a natural-dye master, who not only hosts workshops to teach others how to dye with ingredients like avocado pits and onion skins, but she also sells kits so those who don't live anywhere near her Brooklyn studio can learn the technique.

Rebecca Desnos quite literally wrote the book on the basics of natural dyeing, so it comes as no surprise that the behind-the-scenes shots she shares on Instagram are nothing short of amazing. In the photo above, all of the fabric has been dyed with avocado, but the colors vary based on fabric type and other factors.

This pretty blush dye can be used on more than just pillows—cardigans and other pieces of clothing are also eligible candidates. Just check the tags and choose pieces that are made from natural fibers, such as 100-percent cotton and silk, which tend to be much easier to dye than synthetic fabrics. Check out Rebecca's blog and book for the full how-to.

When avocado-dyed napkins are mixed with other naturally-dyed colors, the blush pink hue really shines. Kathryn Davey is a designer and natural dyer based in Dublin, who shares her tutorials and sells her textiles online.

Better start saving those scraps from your daily avocado toast! Here's the process in action from artist Hannah Reynolds, showing avocado pits mingling in a brew with fabric.