These outtakes are everything.

By Grace Elkus
Updated April 08, 2016

Apple’s latest commercials, touting the hands-free Siri feature in the iPhone 6s models, are definitely clever. We’ve seen Bill Hader devour a sandwich while Siri reads him his emails, and we’ve watched starry-eyed at Jamie Foxx as he asks Siri how he looks (she thinks he’s fairly attractive).

But when it comes to the commercial that truly wins us over, it’s the one featuring Cookie Monster making (you guessed it) chocolate chip cookies in his kitchen. Cookie Monster uses Siri as the timer for his treats, and his excitement makes every minute feel longer than the last. In fact, his impatience reminds us of how we feel baking cookies (or any dessert, for that matter).

Just when we thought we’d seen all of Cookie Monster’s antics, Apple released the bloopers from the original ad. And the behind-the-scenes shots are utterly endearing: