Including a pink bunny suit, a Red Ryder sales pitch, and, of course, a leg lamp.

By Liz Steelman
Updated December 13, 2017
A Christmas Story Lego House
Credit: Jason Middaugh/LEGO Ideas

A Christmas Story has become a beloved holiday movie over the past few decades. It’s hard to get through December without at least one person telling you that “you’ll shoot your eye out!” or that something is very “fra-jee-lay.” And now, thanks to one New York family you might be able to recreate all the fun with a new Lego set based on the film.

According to CNYCentral, a local news site devoted to covering events in Central New York, Marcellus-resident Jason Middaugh created A LEGO Christmas Story House—a close to 2000-piece replica of the iconic Cleveland Victorian house from the movie. Not only does the set include the yellow and green exterior, it is also outfitted with six rooms needed to recreate memorable scenes, as well as accessories like Leg Lamp that can really light up, a Little Orphan Annie decoder pin, a Turkey, a Red Ryder sales pitch, and a bar of Lifebuoy soap. Though it might seem unbelievable, all of the pieces are from existing LEGO sets. For example, Randy’s head wrap is a LEGO ninja's hat and scarf.

You might want to rush out and buy a set right now—but it’s not currently available for purchase. For now, Middaugh’s set is the only one that exists. However, he and nearly 10,000 people are hoping that it becomes an official set sometime in the near future. Middaugh told that the idea came to him in 2015, when as a Christmas gift, he created the instructions and collected the pieces to build a custom LEGO set designed to look like his family’s summer cottage for his daughter Jane. His wife, Tina, then discovered the LEGO Ideas site, where creative builders can present their ideas for a set and garner online support in hopes of getting the project in front of the LEGO Review Board and eventually, if possible, made into an official LEGO product. A recent LEGO set that was submitted through the Ideas channel was the "Women of NASA" set—which has now become one of Amazon’s best-selling toys and quickly sold out following its release. Currently, the Luke’s Diner set from Gilmore Girls is also being reviewed by the board.

But instead of submitting his family’s home, he thought the house from A Christmas Story would garner more attention. He was right. He submitted the design to the site in October 2016, and as of writing the set has 9097 signatures—only 903 more signatures are needed to send the set into official review in the next 373 days. To be one of the remaining signatures and to see more details on the project, visit the project page on the Lego ideas site.