The Fixer Upper couple will both be in their 40s this year, all the while welcoming a new baby boy into their family! But how old were they when their first child was born?
Chip and Joanna Gaines at event
Credit: Mireya Acierto / Contributor

Our favorite Fixer Upper hosts announced today that their fifth child will be… a boy! In a video posted on Twitter by Mike Spurlock (@jms81367), Chip asked Gage (Spurlock’s son), a little boy he met at a golfing event via the Tebow foundation, for advice on D-names for their newest family member. Not only was it an insanely adorable way to interact with this little boy, it also unwittingly revealed the sex of the Gaines's upcoming baby. “It’s a little boy,” Gaines told Gage, “All I can think of is Dragon!”

While we can’t entirely get on board with the name Dragon Gaines, we can get onboard with Chip’s reaction to the unexpected sex reveal. Though he hadn't planned it, Chip took it in stride, retweeting Spurlock’s original post with his own grateful commentary.

In all of this baby news, you might be wondering how old were Chip and Joanna when they started having kids? A good place to start is asking how old are Chip and Joanna Gaines now, and then working backwards. Though Joanna will give birth to the baby boy “D” at 40 (her birthday is in April!), she and Chip had their first child Drake Gaines, now 12, when they were 27 and 31, respectively. Their second, Ella Rose Gaines, came just a year after after (she’s now 11). Then came Duke (9), who arrived when Chip was 34 and Joanna was 30, and finally Emmie Kay Gaines two years after that when the couple was 36 and 32, respectively. Though there is going to be quite an age gap between the older and younger siblings, we have no hesitation that they're going to make great siblings for the newest family member!

We can’t wait to meet the new baby boy Gaines and are cheering on his parents—even if they do end up naming him Dragon!