Wanted: book lovers who aren’t shy about sharing their opinions.


Do you love to read? Are you a great writer? Would you be overjoyed to receive buzzed-about, not-yet-released books in the mail—for free? And see your thoughts about the new releases in the pages of Real Simple? Then you’re a perfect candidate for our Book Review Panel!

Here’s the deal: We want our readers to know about the best books hitting stores each season. And when it comes to judging which books are best, we think you—our devoted, literary readers—are as expert as experts come.

Every few months, members of the panel will receive soon-to-be-released books in the mail and have approximately two to three weeks to read them and write short reviews. Each review should describe the book’s merits and drawbacks and also describe the way the book connected with you on a personal level. About three months later, you may see an edited version of your review in print or online.

Interested? Click here to apply. The deadline is June 15, 2013.

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