Between playing Rose Nylund on Golden Girls and Elka Ostrovsky on Hot in Cleveland, she’s managed to pick up some hilarious movie roles.

By Liz Steelman
Updated January 17, 2017

You might love Betty White for one of her television roles. (Fun fact: She’s made appearances in more than 100 different shows!) But you might have forgotten that in addition to her numerous appearances on television, she’s also made some pretty enjoyable movies. Here, we’ve put together some of her best film roles.

1. The Lorax

Looking for a family-friendly film? Try this 2012 animated imagining of Dr. Seuss’s beloved book about the importance of environmental conservation. White lends her voice as silly, free-spirited Grammy Norma, who encourages her grandson Ted to venture outside of their artificial city to find a real tree.
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2. You Again

This 2010 comedy explores the ridiculous hold high school rivalries have on us, even years after graduating. White stars as the family matriarch hilariously trying to keep everyone under control as two generations of high school enemies realize they’ll become family— just days before the wedding. Expect to laugh throughout the movie’s constant one-upmanship, as well as a whole lot of Hall & Oates.
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3. Lake Placid

White is most known for her numerous comedic portrayals as an outspoken grandma. So, you wouldn’t expect her to turn from comedic to creepy as she does in this campy cult classic. White stars as the mysterious neighbor-lady with a secret in this comedic thriller about a man-eating crocodile spreading terror among a lakeside community in Maine.
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4. The Proposal

After her visa is denied, publishing executive Margaret (Sandra Bullock) faces deportment back to Canada. So she enlists her assistant (and aspiring editor) Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) to pose as her fiancé in order to save both of their jobs. They travel to Andrew’s Alaskan hometown and try to convince his family (including his grandma, Annie, played by White) that they’re a legitimate couple.
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5. Advise & Consent

Based on Allan Drury’s Pulitzer Prize-winning work of fiction, Advise & Consent was one of the first looks Americans had into the day-to-day workings of the U.S. government in Washington, D.C. White plays a senator from Kansas—one of her first film roles—in Otto Preminger’s 1962 political noir adaptation.
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