Could you use a laugh? Get the giggles going with these TV series, all handpicked by well-known comedians.
Benice Atufunwa
Credit: Glenn Glasser

1. Billy on the Street

"Treat yourself to Billy Eichner's rare breed of insanity. He runs around Manhattan with a microphone and demands that random shell-shocked passersby play games such as 'She Clucks or She Sucks?' in which Billy shouts out a name—like 'Kris Jenner!' or 'Camilla from the Muppets!'—and the player has to decide whether it's the name of a famous chicken or a terrible woman. You will alternate between laughing very hard and worrying about Billy's mental state."
— Suggested by June Diane Raphael, the screenwriter for two forthcoming comedy pilots, ABC's DINKS and NBC's Mason Twins.

2. The Comeback

"If marrying TV shows was legal, I'd get down on one knee for this cult classic. Lisa Kudrow is Valerie Cherish, a washed-up but well-meaning sitcom star making her big return to the small screen. Each episode is full of cringe-worthy moments and major LOLs."
— Suggested by Ross Mathews.

3. Louie

"Louie is the best show on television right now. I love the episode when star Louis C.K. goes on a date with Parker Posey's charmingly insane character and she convinces Louie, with a beautiful little monologue, that her parents named her Tape Recorder. It's acted so well."
— Suggested by Michaela Watkins, a former Saturday Night Live cast member and an executive producer of Benched, on the USA Network.

4. The Mindy Project

"Mindy Kaling's character, a klutzy, single 30-something Manhattan ob-gyn, is the goofy girl I aspire to be. I love it when she tries to be sexy—and thinks she is sexy—but is actually completely inept at it. Nothing is funnier than when someone thinks they're sexy when they are not. At all."
— Suggested by Retta, a stand-up comedian and an actress who is currently playing Donna Meagle on NBC's Parks and Recreation.

5. Summer Heights

"Chris Lilley, a brilliant Australian comic actor, plays three over-the-top—and, in many cases, obnoxious—characters: a male drama teacher, a delinquent student, and a queen-bee popular girl who coexist at an Aussie high school. The show is a deal breaker for me. If you watch it and don't like it, we can't be friends or date. I'm dead serious about this."
— Suggested by Nikki Glaser.

6. The Bachelor

"I absolutely can't stop laughing at these women who are blown away by how incredible this bachelor is when he takes them skydiving in Belize or for a picnic in a perfectly lit forest escape. 'He's so thoughtful! He's so romantic!' All I think about is the producer who had to plan this all out. Juan Pablo had no idea how to plan it all out. And once the show ends, these girls are like everyone else—back to Applebee's on a Friday night, then off to a Journey cover band show at a Ramada Inn, maybe a pit stop at the DQ—if you're lucky. Romantic indeed!"
— Suggested by Steve Byrne, a stand-up comedian and the star of Sullivan & Son, on TBS.

— Reporting by Andra Chantim