Fall is a great time to curl up with a good show, and these good TV shows on Netflix will keep you entertained all October long.

By Lauren Phillips
October 15, 2019

This guide is from October 2019; for an updated list of the best shows on Netflix right now for November, click the link.

Indulging in hours-long binge-watching of the best shows on Netflix is practically a national pastime. Don’t think that makes us all couch potatoes, though—in this day and age, binge-worthy Netflix shows can be enjoyed while you’re working out, cooking, cleaning, or doing a number of other things. The downside of keeping a Netflix show on in the background is that you might miss a few parts or key plot details, but the glory of Netflix is that you can always watch the episode (or the whole series) again later.

Netflix has an enormous library of shows and movies to watch. With all the Halloween movies on Netflix, Christmas movies on Netflix, and more, picking just a single thing to watch can be a challenge. Once you’ve found the right show, though, you’re sure to be entertained for hours to come.

For a show on Netflix to be truly binge-worthy, you want there to be—at minimum—two or three seasons. Getting truly caught up in a new show is tricky when there’s only one season, or two seasons with short episodes, though those shows are certainly still worth a watch. If you’re looking to fill a long weekend or a sick day with a great show, though, these are some of the best TV shows on Netflix to watch this month. Some of the longer ones may take a while to finish, but it’ll be worth the effort.

If nothing here catches your eye, you can always make Netflix suggestions to request new shows on the streaming platform. It might not be possible, but it doesn’t hurt to try, right? And if you truly can’t commit to a show, one of these best new books might help fill your time and need for entertainment.

The best shows on Netflix right now

1. The Walking Dead

What better time than October to watch all nine seasons of the zombie show that never seems to die? Get a little creeped out by the zombies, then get hooked by the drama, romance, and (sometimes) even comedy between the leading characters. With more than 100 episodes to enjoy, you can be sure you won’t be stuck searching for more good shows on Netflix any time soon.

2. The Vampire Diaries

Equal parts teen drama and vampire horror, this long-running series about a group of vampires and their human (and high school) friends has had a few spin-offs. Catching up on every episode—and gasping at every plot-twist—is sure to fill many a fall evening.

3. Breaking Bad

With the recent release of El Camino, a Netflix Original movie about one of the beloved characters introduced in Breaking Bad, now’s as good a time as any to catch up on this award-winning series.

4. Black Mirror

If you’re craving some psychological horror—and wouldn’t mind a few mind-boggling scenarios—Black Mirror is a great show to watch on Netflix. Each of the more than 20 episodes is essentially a standalone movie, with fresh surprises (and scares) with every one. Binge-watching this popular series on Netflix can take a while, mostly because watching too many episodes in a row could put you in a real funk, but it’s certainly worth a viewing.

5. Schitt’s Creek

With the fifth season having just arrived on Netflix in the U.S., this hilarious, heart-warming comedy is a great lazy weekend binge-watch. You’ll laugh at (and with) the riches-to-rags family at the center of the story, even as you pause mid-episode to research their impeccable wardrobes and top-notch pop culture references.

6. How to Get Away with Murder

A little murder mystery, a little legal drama, and a lot of secrets make up this addicting series, which stars the spectacular Viola Davis as a lawyer and law professor leading a crew of students and lawyers through a shocking number of suspicious deaths and murders over five tumultuous seasons.

7. The Good Place

With the third season newly arrived on Netflix, this spirited, insanely clever series about what happens after we die is the perfect binge-watch, especially if you’re seeking a break from the spooks and scares of October. (The scares here are all of the existential sort.)

8. Stranger Things

One of the first Netflix Original Series to go truly viral, Stranger Things launched its third season earlier this year, officially putting it in binge-worthy territory. Come for the 80s nostalgia, stay for the talented cast and ongoing mysteries.

9. New Girl

For a laid-back, highly entertaining show on Netflix, turn to New Girl, a saga of a newly single woman who moves in with three rather bizarre men. The show offers humor and genuine affection in equal doses, and with all seven seasons available to stream, there are no cliffhangers to speak of.

10. Grace and Frankie

When two women close to retiring realize their respective husbands have fallen in love with each other, they embark on an unlikely friendship that stretches across five seasons, giving eager viewers plenty of buddy comedy to enjoy.

11. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This comedy begins with a woman who was kept in a bunker by a doomsday abductor for years. Upon her rescue, she enters a brand new life—one that features a hilarious cast of characters and enough enthusiastic misadventures over its four seasons to keep anyone entertained.

12. Mad Men

A few years after its mid-2010s heyday and finale, this excellent TV series on Netflix about a difficult-to-like ad man is still a great watch—it’s never too late to catch up on all seven seasons of 60s-era philandering and vices.

13. Jane the Virgin

With five seasons—more than 100 episodes—at the ready, this telenovela-esque show offers plenty of hours of romance, drama, plot-twists, and cliff-hangers. Come for the intriguing premise of a woman who finds herself accidentally artificially inseminated, stay for the humor, sweet characters, and charming family antics.

14. The Blacklist

Crime shows partnering a rule-following do-gooder and a less-than-savory character are continuing to have their moment in the spotlight. This one has James Spader as one of the stars and plenty of investigations and action to keep anyone hooked.

15. Friends

The time this iconic 90s series has left on Netflix’s streaming platform is limited, which just means now’s the time to get your fill of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe.

16. Lucifer

Now a Netflix Original Series, this show starts with the intriguing premise of the devil choosing to take up residence in Los Angeles, rather than his fiery haunts below. Over its four seasons—with another coming—the series turns into an addictive crime show that explores what it means to be good and evil, with a little romance thrown in for good measure.

17. Scandal

After watching all seven seasons of this Kerry Washington–led compelling drama—just in case you missed it while it was on the air—you’ll feel like an expert in politics and law, even if they are the fictional kind.

18. Parks and Recreation

Once you start watching this mockumentary TV show, you’ll finally understand the Parks and Rec in-jokes everyone around you is making—and you’ll enjoy almost every minute of all seven seasons of this hit series.

19. That ’70s Show

Keep this comedy about a group of teenagers coming of age in the 70s on while you work out, cook, clean, or tackle anything else on your to-do list—you’ll still pick up the light-hearted humor and catch plenty of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis screen time, and by the end of the series, you’ll feel doubly accomplished.

20. Gilmore Girls

Adored by almost everyone during its run—and after, by anyone able to catch the many Gilmore Girls TV marathons over the years—this popular show on Netflix stars a quick-witted mother and daughter making their way through an idyllic small town. Filled with fast dialogue and an unforgettable cast of characters, there’s plenty to love, especially since Netflix revived the show.

21. The Office

After watching all nine seasons of The Office, one of the best shows on Netflix, you’ll be wishing you worked in a more entertaining place—and tossing out Office quotes with the best of them.

22. Shameless

The rough-and-tumble Gallagher family takes center stage in this dark family comedy, which tosses out plenty of dark humor (and kid-unfriendly scenes) in its nine seasons.

23. Dexter

Over its bloody eight seasons, this dark drama got plenty of acclaim—and once you learn that it’s about a man who analyzes blood splatter for the police by day and commits murders by night, it’s easy to see why.

24. Orange Is the New Black

All seven seasons of this top Netflix Original are now available, so you can catch every moment of this dark comedy about women in prison.

25. Grey’s Anatomy

With a 15-season run—one that’s still going—this binge-worthy show on Netflix hardly needs an introduction, but if you’re truly unfamiliar with it, just know that it’s a medical drama with enough twists and turns to suck anyone in.