How many of these did you watch?

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Remember back in the ‘90s when, if you wanted to binge watch a show, you had to have recorded it every week for its entire run on VHS? Well, with the advent of streaming services, rewatching your favorite series is mostly effortless. Though bingeing is a way of life now, some of your favorite shows didn’t make the leap to the digital age until very recently (heck, Hulu just picked up ER) so you probably prioritized the new season of that hot original series in your queue over the old show you wanted to revisit. And though, sure, the ‘90s weren’t deemed the golden age of television, television was actually really good.

In hopes of compiling what retro TV shows were off our radar, we asked our Facebook audience what their favorite show from the late ‘90s/early 2000s was that they really wish they could binge right now. We were flooded with more than 600 comments—all very passionate—about their favorite nostalgic series. We tallied the votes (each comment equaling a vote), to create a list of the twelve most bingeable television shows that aired during the ‘90s. Here, your favorite shows. While some of them are still unable to stream, we’ll let you know where you can catch the ones that are available.

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