Who will be the inspiration behind your streamlined closet or perfect pantry?

By Lisa Milbrand
September 29, 2020

During the long, long (long) quarantine, I’ve kept myself occupied with two big projects—decluttering to help my house feel more serene, and binge-watching all the best shows on Netflix I never had time for when I wasn’t stuck at home.

Those two habits have combined in my new favorite binge-fest: organizing shows. Organizing and decluttering shows help motivate me to manage the mess, so they’re great for keeping on in the background as I plow through my piles of papers and try (one more time!) to reorganize my drawers Marie Kondo–style.

But organizing shows aren’t one-size-fits-all. Depending on where you’re hoping to corral the chaos—and your own personal organizing style—you might click a little more with a particular style. If you’re still searching for your streaming organizing guru, we have four great options here.


Big concept: Make your closet (and home) look like a boutique you’d love to shop by displaying everything beautifully. Their signature look is a rainbow closet reorder, which sorts the racks by organizing from red to purple.

Best for: People whose closets are a fashion emergency (the team spends a lot of time in closets) and anyone who wants to take a peek in celebrity homes (Reese Witherspoon’s mammoth movie memorabilia closet? Yes, please!)

Where to watch: Netflix.

One hot tip: Don’t buy your organizing boxes and bins until you’ve pared down your possessions. (Otherwise, you’ll just have to return them!)

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Big concept: Keep only the things that spark joy for you.

Best for: People who need an overhaul in many different parts of their home. (Watching her clear a kitchen made me itch to tackle my overcrowded pantry.) And people who don’t mind the rather woo-woo concept of holding each object in your hand and deciding if it sparks joy.

Where to watch: Netflix.

Hot tip: That KonMari folding method really makes your drawers and linen closets look seamless.


Big concept: There’s clutter, and then there’s hoarding, where you end up with 50 cats, floor-to-ceiling towers of junk, and a fridge filled with expired yogurt. This show helps the people who have moved beyond accumulating plain old clutter into something more disturbing.

Best for: People who need a little perspective on their mess. (Yes, I do have several stacks of paper on my dining room table, but at least I don’t have 10 years’ worth of newspapers stacked in my bathroom.)

Where to watch: Netflix.

Hot tip: If you can’t bear to throw anything away, you need to call in the pros.


Big concept: A moonlighting pro organizer helps make the most of apartment living.

Best for: People short on attention spans, space, and cash—her cheap and cheerful ideas typically run less than a few hundred bucks and are finished in 10 minutes or less.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video.

Hot tip: Bath caddies hung from a tension rod can help you corral a lot of beauty products in the shower.