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By Lauren Phillips
Updated December 12, 2019

Netflix Originals have slowly but surely become some of the best (and most binge-worthy) TV shows, movies, and documentaries available, and they make up more than a few of the best shows on Netflix right now. Much of the streaming service’s original series and films earns cult followings and critical acclaim—take Stranger Things, Orange Is the New Black,and Mudbound, for examples—but some of it is just plain fun, too, with heart-warming (and delightfully cheesy) storylines and charming characters.

Between binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy and all the Christmas movies on Netflix (new and old) in the coming months, try out these new Netflix Originals worth watching. (If none of them speak to you, you can always make Netflix suggestions to request that shows or movies you already love be added to the service.) You may love these new Netflix Originals, you may hate them, but they’ll probably be different from anything else you see on TV or the big screen in the most entertaining ways. (And you can always fall back on spooky, scary Halloween movies on Netflix if necessary.)

Figuring out what to watch for your next Netflix binge may be a bigger challenge than expected, though. Who hasn’t spent half the available screen time discussing (or arguing) what to watch, when faced with so many choices? Pro tip: Instead of spending half the run-time of a movie picking something to watch, set a timer for an acceptable amount of debate time. When the timer goes off, commit to whatever movie or show has the most support and press play. Your time is much better spent watching one of these binge-worthy new Netflix Originals than talking them all over.

The best new Netflix Originals


December 26

YOU season one was a smash hit, and season two promises to be just as addictive. Dropping on Netflix the day after Christmas, the series follows the sinister Joe (now with a new identity, but still played by Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley) as he starts fresh in L.A. He’s sure to fall back into his old stalkerish habits, though, offering plenty of thrilling (and frightening) moments throughout the whole season.

Watch the teaser:

Spinning Out

January 1

This fresh show from Netflix follows an aspiring Olympic figure skater as she balances the challenges of ice skating, family pressures, romantic interests, and more. Come for the awe-inspiring figure skating footage, stay for the drama.

Watch the trailer:

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

January 24

Season three—or part three—of the dark, twisted series finally hits the streaming service in late January. With the cliffhanger part two ended on, fans are already clamoring for the next installment; those unfamiliar with the witchy, satanic series have time to catch up.

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To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

February 12

All right, this one isn’t coming soon, exactly, but everyone deserves to join in on the excitement surrounding this Netflix Original. The sequel to last year’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, this movie follows Lara Jean and Peter as they figure out high school, their actually-real-now relationship, and old flames—hopefully with the same playfulness and humor as the first movie.

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