Get ready for a movie marathon. 

By Courtney Higgs
Updated December 16, 2016

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Much has been written about the downside of 2016—the punishing election cycle, the innumerable celebrity splits—but amdist all the bad and the ugly, one very positive fact has become abundantly clear: It’s also been a pretty solid year for film. For those times when it felt like all the news was bad news, there was always an awesome flick in theaters we could escape to for a good laugh—or a good cry.

Now, 2015 was a tough act to follow. With massively successful movies like The Revenant (still pouring one out for that poor horse), Inside Out, and Room still fresh in our minds, 2016 had to go big in order to stand out in the cinema department. And stand out it most definitely did! Read on to get our take on the best films of the year (so far!) and be sure to keep a tally of how many of these pics pick up award nominations.

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