Be the family that laughs, cries, and watches together with these kid-friendly flicks on Netflix.

By Lauren Phillips
August 31, 2020

Nothing brings us together like a good movie, and these kids’ movies on Netflix—the best on the streaming service—will bring the whole family together. Netflix is home to tons and tons of things to watch (we’re partial to the best shows on Netflix right now), but many of those shows and movies are not kid-friendly, which can make finding the right kids’ movie for family movie night a challenge.

The other challenge? Finding a kids’ movie on Netflix that grown-ups and older kids can tolerate, too. Let’s be honest: Some kids’ movies are made for kids, not for their parents—and parents (or even older siblings) may downright despise some of the movies and shows little kids know and love. Fortunately, there are plenty of great kids’ movies on Netflix that the whole family will love to watch together—grown-ups will have to save the best horror movies on Netflix and the best romantic movies on Netflix for another night.

Whether they’re critically acclaimed, full of nostalgia, or beautiful works of art, these are some of the best kids’ movies on Netflix right now for the whole family. Kids of all ages will enjoy them, and adults can always find deeper meaning in the dialogue, artistry, and plot. Best of all? You can watch them all immediately—and as many times as you want.

The best kids’ movies on Netflix


The classic fairy tale gets a fresh twist in Disney’s animated take, which stars Tiana as a hard-working New Orleans resident. (She was immediately added to the list of beloved Disney princesses, of course, and was the first Black princess to join their ranks.) This is certainly a kids’ movie, but the humor, music, and tributes to New Orleans culture (beignets, anyone?) will endear it to grown-ups, too. With the launch of Disney+, The Princess and the Frog may not be on Netflix for much longer, so watch it when you can. Rated G.


Enjoy an old-school epic quest with this 1998 animated movie, which follows the daughter of one of the knights of the round table on her quest to recover Excalibur, the all-powerful sword. Along the way, she encounters plenty of villains, plus a two-headed dragon and a mysterious young man, as she proves that she’s as brave as any knight. Rated G.


Stunningly animated, deeply emotional, and bursting with Irish folklore, this kid-friendly, fantastical movie follows a young boy who realizes his little sister is a selkie, a seal who can shed its skin to become human (and vice-versa). He sets off on a quest to help her find her voice, encountering magical creatures every step of the way. Kids and adults alike will love the folklore and heart in this movie, making it a great pick for family movie night. Rated PG.


Kids will jump at the chance to watch this new classic kids’ movie on Netflix. In the years since its launch, it’s inspired a whole new culture of minions (and minion-lovers), all of whom will be ecstatic to watch the movie where it all began. Despicable Me follows the erstwhile villain Gru, who adopts three young girls as part of an elaborate scheme to pull off an epic heist but ends up getting derailed in his plans by the challenges of parenthood. Kids will want to watch this movie again and again, and parents will love the family-first message and the voice of Steve Carell, too. Rated PG.


Dr. Seuss fans and environmentalists alike will enjoy watching the tale of the Lorax, a stubborn creature who speaks for the trees and works to protect natural resources. The 2012 movie introduces all sorts of adorable creatures and extra characters, but the message remains the same, and the tone is still the heart-warming, funny one we know and love from all Dr. Seuss’ stories. To really get little ones excited about this kids’ movie on Netflix, read the book together first. Rated PG.


Arguably even better than the first Madagascar, Madagascar 2 follows our favorite escaped zoo animals as they venture away from their new island home and into the African savanna. Each has their own awakening among the wild lions, zebras, hippos, giraffes, and more, with plenty of jokes and gags to keep kids entertained until the end. Rated PG.


Lighthearted and full of both jokes for kids and jokes for adults, Bee Movie is entertaining and zany all the way through. It follows a bee—voiced by Jerry Seinfeld—who sets off to stop humans from stealing honey from bees for good through (how else?) a lawsuit. Kids will love the premise of a talking bee, and the twists and turns the movie takes will keep everyone laughing. Rated PG.


The beloved children’s book gets the movie treatment with this colorful, beautifully animated adaptation. Instead of just presenting a town where food rains from the sky, the movie follows Flint, an aspiring scientist who unwittingly transforms the sky over his island town to make it rain food. Things don’t quite go as planned, but in the funniest way possible. Rated PG.


The gang reunites for this movie-length iteration of the beloved cartoon, venturing onto a mysterious island where, purportedly, real monsters run wild. Kids will love watching Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Velma, and Fred, and if grown-ups watch along, they’ll appreciate the nostalgia that comes along with all things Mystery Machine. Rated TV-PG.

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A beautiful and dramatically costumed take on the Snow White fairy tale, Mirror Mirror features a band of dwarfish thieves, a self-indulgent queen, a foolish prince, and a brave princess. This interpretation of the story is goofy and sweet, with a star-studded cast—Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer, and Lily Collins—that grown-ups will love as much as kids. Rated PG.


The whole family will be inspired after watching Miracle, the theatrical retelling of the U.S. hockey team’s unlikely triumph at the 1980 Winter Olympics. Thrilling, sporty, and heartfelt, this top kids’ movie on Netflix will have everyone ready to hit the ice—or conquer some other at-home challenge. Rated PG.


Probably the very best kids’ Christmas movie on Netflix, this Netflix Original Film explores a fresh origin story for dear old Santa Claus. It follows a lazy postman who is sent to a far corner of the globe to learn some tough lessons; there, he unwittingly inspires an entire small town and learns a few things himself. While this kids’ movie on Netflix is best left for Christmas time and winter, it’s worth watching any time of year. Rated PG.

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Introduce little ones to the zany world of Jimmy Neutron with the movie that started it all. Jimmy, resident genius of the town of Retroville, accidentally summons aliens to Earth. Once there, they kidnap all the adults, and Jimmy then has to lead the charge to get them back. Nominated for the first-ever Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, it’s a great movie for the whole family to watch together. And if kids really get into Jimmy and his band of friends, they’ll love the Nickelodeon series that followed. Rated G.


Based on the Biblical tale of Joseph and his coat of many colors, this animated feature is more entertaining than religious as it follows young Joseph on his journey to become an aide to the Pharaoh and eventually forgive the brothers who sold him into slavery. Still, it does carry a powerful moral message—along with some great musical numbers. Rated TV-PG.


Based on a true story, this biographical film follows a young boy who builds a wind turbine to save his village in Malawi from famine. Along with the book of the same name, this story demonstrates the power of determination and perseverance and will inspire everyone to find their own way to help those around them. Rated TV-PG.


Ridiculous and entertaining all at once, this family comedy will have your kids begging for a trip to Australia. It follows two friends on a mission to deliver mob money; while there, they encounter a rogue kangaroo who takes the money and runs. Their efforts to catch the kangaroo don’t go well, in the funniest ways possible. Rated PG.


Loosely based on the beloved book of the same name, this kids’ movie on Netflix—and a Netflix Original, so you know it’s not going anywhere—begins with a young girl with an overbooked schedule. Escaping these restrictions, she meets an unusual aviator who tells her stories about a boy from an asteroid—the little prince. Charming, emotional, and sweet, this movie will entrance the whole family. Rated PG.


Just one of a few movies based on the adored cartoon, Rugrats in Paris takes the babies to France, where they explore the city, play with Reptar, and more. Kids will love the babies’ antics, and adults will love introducing them to the Rugrat gang at last. Rated G.


Talking dogs take charge in this 1989 animated movie, which follows a conniving canine as he unexpectedly dies—and comes back to Earth as an angel. Back among the living, he goes back to his conman (con-mutt?) ways, only to meet a young orphan with the ability to talk to animals. They enter into an agreement—and an unexpected bond—that will warm any dog-lover’s heart. Rated G.