Put these on your watch list.

By Betsy Rubiner

So many movies, so little time. It can get overwhelming when it’s time to choose one to watch with your kids for family movie night. Here, we share our picks for the best kids’ movies and even get some input from Real Simple readers to help with the decision-making process.

These picks, for toddlers through teens, include age recommendations from Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization that provides reviews and advice to families as part of an effort to make media and technology safe for kids.

Ranging from recent hits to old favorites, from comedy to drama to documentary, set in Australia, England, Chicago and space, these movies are sometimes funny, sad, scary or all of the above. Portrayed via animation, Claymation or flesh-and-blood actors, the cast of characters include toys, extra-terrestrials, farm animals, teenage basketball players, a fairytale princess, and a cheese-loving English inventor and his cheeky dog.

So get the popcorn ready, settle into the couch, and enjoy!

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