If you’re like us, this season brings about plenty of binge-watching and reconnecting with some of our old favorites like Friends, 30 Rock, and Full House. Coincidentally, it’s also the best time of the year to revisit the classic holiday episodes of yore.
By Jane Asher
December 16, 2016

This article originally appeared on Instyle.com.

Holiday-themed television episodes are some of the show’s very best—so good, in fact, that we continue to watch them even when it’s not seasonally appropriate. There are so many wonderful holiday TV episodes out there we had a tough time picking our top 10. So, curl up on the couch, grab a mug of hot chocolate, and get ready to binge-watch every holiday episode ever, starting with these 10 suggestions from us, obviously.

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Scroll down below to take a look at our favorite holiday TV episodes, ever.

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