13 Beach Games That'll Make Your Summer Vacation Even More Fun

Pack (or prep) a few of these for some sand-and-surf fun.

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Heading to the beach for a week or more? If you're worried that boredom may hit after a few days of riding the waves or chilling under a beach shade, you're in luck—there are a ton of beach-friendly games and toys out there to help you have a ball on your beach vacation.

Whether you're looking for a fun beach drinking game for your crew, or just want the perfect beach ball games to keep your kids entertained, try a few of these ideas to make your getaway even more memorable. (And bonus: Most of these games work really well in your backyard, too!)

Best Beach Games for Kids

These family-friendly beach games are lots of fun for kids—and the young at heart. So don't discount any of these, even if your beach crew is over 20.

Tidal Ball - This fun fusion of cornhole and bocce ball uses special wooden balls that are perfect for rolling on the sand (and they float if one accidentally hits the surf). It comes with a sand scoop to help you set up the playing field—and the whole thing weighs under a pound, so it's easy to cart to the beach with you. ($25, tidalball.com)

Tidal Ball

Tug of War - The camp classic game is perfect for beach play—especially because the team that fails is guaranteed a soft landing on the sand. ($34, target.com)

Tug of War Rope

Kubb - This game (allegedly descended from a Viking game) involves a little strategy—you have to knock down the other team's blocks, then the king to win it all. ($60, target.com)

Kubb Wooden Beach Game

Relay Beach Games - Divide your crew into teams and have them compete to see who can bring the most water or sand from one destination to a bucket on the other end. First team to fill it wins! ($13, target.com)

sand pail, Target

Sand Castle Contest - Divide into teams, set a time limit, and see who can craft the most epic castle yet. Just make sure both teams have access to next-level tools, like this sand castle tower maker. ($50, fatbraintoys.com)

Limbo - All you need is a taut rope, a stick, or even an oar to play this "how low can you go" classic game—one that's probably best for the more flexible kiddos.

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Catch - Playing catch is a time-honored beach game. But the Waboba Pro ball kicks it up a notch, as it allows you to play easily in water—this squishy ball bounces off the water surface. ($10, fatbraintoys.com)

Waboba Pro Beach Ball
Fat Brain Toys

Best Beach Games for Adults

Don't let kids have all the fun—these beach games might require skillsets that make them more adult-appropriate.

Bucket Ball - Yeah, the kids can play, too—but this jumbo-sized version of beer pong is the perfect beach drinking game for you and your crew. ($60, amazon.com)

Bucket Ball, Amazon

Card Games - A set of waterproof playing cards opens you up to all sorts of fun adult games, whether your game is poker, solitaire, or President. ($7, amazon.com)

waterproof playing cards

Scatter - This fun Finnish game seems easy to start—throw a baton at numbered pins and tally up the score of the ones you knocked down. But to win, you have to score exactly 50 points—if you go over, you go back to 25 points and try again. A dry-erase board makes it easy to keep score without paper flying everywhere. ($76, uncommongoods.com)

Jazzminton - This combo of paddleball and badminton uses traditional beach paddles and introduces two different kinds of birdies—one for slow play, and one for faster play. Everything is made of water-resistant materials, so you don't have to worry if a birdie lands in a puddle. And bonus—it can be brought indoors on rainy days. ($15, walmart.com)

Jazzminton Game

Night Beach Volleyball - Take your game after hours with an LED light-up beach volleyball that's perfect for gameplay at your bonfire. ($20, fatbraintoys.com)

Light-up Beach Volleyball

Kan Jam - The rules are simple—get the frisbee to land in the can. But as you can imagine, a breezy beach could make this a little challenging to manage! ($41, wayfair.com)

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