The calf began to walk within a mere hour of its birth.

By Grace Elkus
Updated August 02, 2016
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

On Wednesday, July 27, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden welcomed a newborn baby—a 6-foot-tall, 100 pound baby, that is! The giraffe calf was born to first-time-mother Cece, and was up and walking (not without a few tumbles!) within an hour of her birth.

Cece and her calf spent the first few days bonding inside Giraffe Ridge—but they emerged on Sunday, July 31, and were spotted walking around together. They will be on exhibit with Tess and Jambo, the zoo’s other female giraffes, and will be joined by male Kimba in a week or two.

“The baby looks great,” Thane Maynard, Cincinnati Zoo Director, said in a statement. “We’re very pleased with the way first-time-mom Cece handled labor and delivery.”

The calf has yet to be named, though the zoo has asked its Facebook audience to submit name suggestions. The zookeepers will make the final decision and announce it on Friday. Because of the heart shaped marking on her shoulder, many readers have suggested names such as Cupid or Sweetheart.

The calf is the 14th giraffe to be born at the Cincinnati Zoo, which was the first zoo in the Western Hemisphere to produce a baby giraffe in 1889. And if you can’t get enough of the new adorable calf, just wait for a month from now, when they’ll have two little ones running around.

“We’re hoping that Jambo was paying attention,” Maynard said. “She’s expecting and due in about a month!”