10 Creative Ways to Have a Romantic Date Night at Home

Your love life doesn't have to go through social distancing.

Spending quarantine hunkered up with your partner? While having all this newfound time together is great, you may have found spending too much time together can cause the romantic sparks to fizzle out. If you're looking for ways to revive the romance, don't worry—a solid date night doesn't always have to be expensive or spent out on the town. In fact, these ideas are even better—for one, you won't have to change out of your sweats, and they can take place in the comfort of your own house. Whether you're looking for a foodie-themed night, an all-day movie marathon, or a sensual activity to do together, this list of at-home date night ideas won't disappoint. Pick one for your next indoors date, or hey, do one every night (you certainly have the time).

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Create a mock movie theater.

This is much more than your average dinner and movie date. If you've got a whole day to waste, upgrade your next "Netflix and chill" session with an old-school twist. First, pick a movie or series that you both enjoy, whether that be the entire Harry Potter saga or the new season of Ozark. Then create a snuggly environment with some comfy blankets and throw pillows. Tip: Spritz the pillow and blanket with an aromatherapy mist, like Indie Lee Soothe & Relax Pillow Mist ($28; nordstrom.com), to create a chill atmosphere. In order to really establish the mood, set up a projector against a blank wall to create your very own movie theater. All that's left to do is pop up some popcorn, cuddle up, and enjoy hours upon hours of uninterrupted movie time.

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Start a game night.

Round up all the best puzzles and board games for two in your house for a super epic couple's game night. If you're tired of the same old Monopoly and Uno iterations, spice things up by personalizing it and getting to know your partner on a whole new level. Example: Come up with some questions and dares and write one on each Jenga block. When you play, whichever block you pull, you have to answer the question on it.

You can also pull out your phone and quiz each other through online personality tests. Do you know your partner's Myers-Briggs personality type? How about his Hogwarts house? These fun questionnaires are sure to turn up the heat and have you both blurting out some juicy confessions. If both of you tend to get a nasty competitive streak, try looking for games where you have to work together, not against each other, in order to win, like Forbidden Island ($20; barnesandnoble.com).

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Have a couple's spa night.

Executing a spa night is the perfect excuse to not feel guilty about lounging around in a robe all day. Start by lighting a few candles and crank up the romance by giving each other a massage with some scented oils. I love pairing Pulse Spoil Me Massage Oil ($30; lovemypulse.com) with a warming dispenser ($199; lovemypulse.com) for a heated upgrade. After that, slap on some face masks (or better yet, make your own) to have an at-home spa session worthy of the real deal. Finish it off by giving each other a relaxing foot massage.

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Wine and dine.

Turn on a romantic tune, light up some candles, and get ready to bond over an Aphrodite-approved menu. Whether you chose to use a food delivery service to deliver all the ingredients or whip up a romantic recipe using items you already have on hand, you'll appreciate the meal even more knowing you made it together. For a fun twist, turn the cooking into a game by hosting your own version of Chopped—choose a random ingredient and see who can best incorporate it into their dish. After you're done, shut off all the lights (except for the candles) and enforce a fancy dress code to make it feel like a real occasion. No cell phones allowed!

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Have a picnic on the floor.

Munching on the same at-home snacks can get boring, so change things up a bit with a picnic indoors. You can nosh on picnic bites like sliced cheese, fresh fruit, and chips and dip. To make it more realistic, do all the things you'd normally do, like prepare a picnic basket with your favorite picnic recipes and lay your checkered blanket. It's not exactly Central Park, but on the bright side, at least you won't have to worry about the weather.

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Camp out in the living room.

My idea of a dream campout? One without the bugs and freezing temperatures. Solution: Create a pillow fort, or set up a tent and some sleeping bags in the living room to enact a campout with your beau. Look up some scary stories, turn on the Netflix fireside stream (or fireplace, if you have one), and complete the experience with some indoor s'mores made in the oven or over a cast-iron skillet. It's a great way to unplug from all technology and get away without actually going anywhere.

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Make a scrapbook.

Craft time isn't just for the kids. Since your most recent memories together are probably things like hogging the bed sheets and not doing the dishes, taking a trip down memory lane is a great way to reconnect and rekindle some good memories. Invest in a good scrapbook, like the Artifact Uprising Scrapbook Album ($119; artifactuprising.com), or DIY a collage with a few of your favorite old photos.

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Start a project.

Turn what would have normally been a chore into a bonding date night activity by working with your partner to finish a home improvement project (you know, that one you've been meaning to get to when you have the time). From painting an accent wall to redecorating the guest bedroom, home projects become a lot more bearable when done together.

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Go on a virtual adventure.

One perk of social distancing is that many places are now offering free virtual tours that let you travel without dishing out stacks of money. Catch a concert you've always dreamed of seeing on your couch, gush over adorable animals at the National Zoo, check out an award-winning distillery and hold a virtual wine tasting, or class things up by exploring an art museum (like the Guggenheim or the Louvre). You can explore the country (and then some) in a few hours.

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Have a karaoke night.

My favorite date night itinerary is one that lets me channel my inner Celine Dion. Belting out your favorite tunes is a great way to de-stress, let loose, and have a flirty dance sesh with your partner. If you want to go all out, get a karaoke machine—I highly recommend the Singing Machine Bluetooth Pedestal Karaoke System ($170; singingmachine.com). Alternatively, there are a bunch of apps on the app store, like Sing! Karaoke and Smule, that let you choose from a wide selection of hit songs.

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